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    New crystal "Crystal of Stun"

    In my opinion it makes it balanced, because u get that stun by sacrificing some damage, wouldn't it be too op if u could keep all your damage while having like 10% stun?
  2. Crixistal

    crystal off stun from hallwen events Zzzzzzz

    It makes it balanced..
  3. Crixistal

    Warspear Need NEW ITEM check this out !

    Nah.. Dont be lazy and go quest
  4. Crixistal

    Collectables & mini games

    Yes please
  5. Crixistal

    Movement speed?

    I dont know if someone has already suggested this, but would Movement speed be a good stat in this game? Every class would have their own base Movement speed (MS) stat, which increases with different boots that you buy. Maybe there could be items that increase that or potions or something.
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    ^ so what was happening in that ss. Me and my questor friend came to kill kratt, and I didnt know these 2 were farming it. I didnt ask them if they were, so I also didnt ask them if they could take my questor. And when we blindly started doing boss, one of them started resetting it. And when I see "trollers" like that... I get hella mad:D I must say sorry for my language and sorry for a long post xD
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    How To Kill Swamp Slug

    heres how to do it: get 5 necros. No others needed
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    Word Association

    A smiley
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    Word Association

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    Word Association

    WW 2
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    Word Association

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    Word Association

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    Be a MERC!

    Themercs will always be the best Just wait till they are lvl 7
  14. Crixistal

    New Heroic CC sets with new bonuses!

    Sounds great
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    Word Association

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    New Heroic CC sets with new bonuses!

    Well yea, not many will have them. Only the +10 which would make them even more op
  17. Crixistal

    New Heroic CC sets with new bonuses!

    Ye looks better now, maybe for 1-2 hits not 5s
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    Word Association

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    Word Association

    A joke
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    Word Association

    Epic shit
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    How to do chainless league quests.

    Do it when an event is happening (Halloween) nobody is farming, they all doing event.
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    Word Association

    Star trek
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    Word Association

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    Word Association

    Torilla tavataan