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  1. Duality of Vlawot in pvp: If class die 1 combo = "i best barb' If class cant die = 'fail administrators wft who pay ?'
  2. Yes. It's pretty much single handedly impossible to get 3 rows of buffs unless: 1) 3 stars war (3) 2) Castle offense, defence, attack, heal (4) 3) pot, scroll, food, castle pot(s) (4-5) Can't have 3 rows without the above, and no class can single handedly get 2 rows without them either as far as I recall, except momentarily (seeker, maybe im forgetting someone here)
  3. What healing, what heavenly dot? Only healing used in the picture was 25% lifesteal, a druid and a priest. Everything else templar-related was useless in said scenario due to the massive amount of damage taken (roughly 1.4k damage per second on 16k/9k defs)
  4. 2 healers, few buffs, and tanking mobs stronger than your average player
  5. Imo hybrid damage wins in PvP, but then again, I haven't tried an arena staff for pvp, which would probably make a big difference. Skill build wise, @Risc did post some builds above, im personally using his hybrid build as well, offers good healing and damage overall. During test server I tried; 3 flow 5 grace 5 combat support 4 minion 4 hp/penetration 4 passive, and it worked just fine, though a lot of mana was gone real quick, so might want to replace hp/penetration with either mantra or silence if you fight a lot of melees Let me know how it goes
  6. As said someone who owns both cloth and heavy merman pieces and I have ran many a dungeons with mana problems Crushing will is one of my favourite things to have, and if I were to pick between heavy or cloth, i'd stick with cloth. Free critical and critical damage/healing on top of practically 80% uptime of 30% extra magic is a godsend for both mace/shield and staff users. It makes staff templars powerhealers and viable DPSers due to the nature of high hitting attacks (blame/minion attacking) and regardless if you've levelled up the healing skills, able to get very high crit heals.
  7. With this change, I too hope other skills get treated the same way in the future (and now) I know I advocated pro for the skill for it at 6s but it didn't need a -2s on that at all. Im sorry to all the chiefs out there, but don't fret. Since its a new class it'll likely get faster treatment than, lets say one of the older ones (sorry Higgs ❤️).
  8. Not always, but in this specific case, Shire was tanking the entirety of all mobs in the area exactly right of T5 castle, simply because there was no other way to get him to low HP, so as soon as I aggro'd it was an instakill lol In other situations I'd just aggro and mantra if things get tough
  9. It's weaker by 2 seconds in comparison to mages' ennoblement which completely negates any debuffs, but 6s might just be enough time to get Rugged hide/Healing off cooldown and heal another few thousands or get even more tanky to postpone death further. The impact they can do depends on the situation, and im not going there. The class already has those. Even if it didn't, it'd still attract people (see rangers, paladins, rogues, basically majority of classes) There's one test server left for any changes, and then last-moment changes they might decide fit better. Maybe it'll
  10. On 626 magic with mace 1/4 688 2/4 751 3/4 813 4/4 876 It was decent for what I could get, yeah, just wish missing an attack (dodge, parry, block) still gave me the heal because that got me killed at T5 boss Admiral during tests lol
  11. Aggro heal seems to be fixed, no longer heals according to missing HP. 1100 magic 1/4 aggro = 1210 healing 1100 magic 2/4 aggro = 1320 healing 1100 magic 3/4 aggro = 1430 healing 1100 magic 4/4 aggro = 1540 healing
  12. Proving it practically won't matter when majority of people I talk to seem to be stuck in a bubble of jealousy and believe me when I say this, I've tried it with paladin, it won't happen with chiefs. To sacrifice magic skills is what a "diverse" build is. Don't think I need to explain that to you That's the thing, it doesn't. Every class looks awesome in buffs. And without them some still shine. The point was you called my buffed heal out then compared it to your resist skill, somehow believing that was a sane logical comparison. It may not be a good
  13. this is the templar subforum
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