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  1. It's 10%. 10% of the damage they deal. It's practically negligible considering shields have zero defensive stats (aka you hit full damage). Also, 15 seconds to get a 10% of the damage you dealt in shield is enough time to kill anyone trying to get that shield. To put it in an example; A mage dealing 50k damage to a crowd of 6 people (since aoe skills are limited in pvp) gets a shield of 5k hp, which is anywhere from 2 to 3 hits to a decent amplified character with ferocity. But before he gets that 5k shield he has to survive 15 seconds. If 6 people cant kill a mage in 15 seconds there's bigger issues to consider than the skill itself. The skill buff is fine, I would even say it needs a buff to 20% or even 40%, wardens are unused as is in the higher-end meta.
  2. Why do we exist if not to suffer?
  3. Been a few months of playing and I have some input, I'll try to keep explanations short, if you feel something is ridiculously broken/overpowered/not fitting, give me an alternative, don't just tell me. Base Skills Blame; It's your basic bread and butter skill, would like if the extra stun duration was in the actual Touch of Truth skill itself instead of this as it makes us bit skill point hungry due to it but it's fine, not priority. Whirlwind of Repentance; This is fine if you play physical, complete waste if staff, can make it so it's % of your HIGHEST STAT at the moment to motivate staff templar & make them go melee to use it Flow; Its cool, sucks a bit with bug position but overall does its job of zoning enemies just fine Grace; I wanna say its fine since its a ridiculous 22% damage buff, but there's classes that get more buffs in a single skill that gives them higher overall utility (seeker pene/speed, looking at you). Maybe adding a secondary buff to it like extra penetration/cooldown could be toyed around, but overall it's fine, really. Combat Support; Love the change to count both physical and magical to enhance the shield, great as is Expert Skills Harad's Teachings; It's fine as is, would really like if the physical buff would stack up to 1/2/3/4 instead of just 1 Sucker Punch; Superb if you're physical, worthless if you're full magic, make it be % of your highest stat at the moment instead to further promote staff templars Mantra of Healing; Fine as is, well balanced Statue of Deity; Worthless in pvp, good in pve, needs a different effect really, maybe make it split all incoming damage instead of just autos Touch of Truth; Unless your opponent is afk or 24/7 stunned, it's impossible to land it, change it so it's instant and make it single target in return for that, or let the debuff grow below the targeted enemy instead of the templar themselves Onslaught; Best thing to use if you really want to die asap in arena, would be great if instead of a slow it had a silence or a stun, even 2 seconds long would suffice, as it is now its great to find out invisible enemies, that is if you can charge something near them Particle of Life; It's cool it works with both phys/magic, but the minion itself is lacking. Druid minions as well as charmer minions get the owners stats of resilience/ferocity, but ours doesn't, making them pretty potato both in dealing damage and tanking any of it in pvp. Pve they're fine Branded by the Sun; Good for pve, and pvp if your enemies can't click properly after aggro. The healing is unreliable as you cant tell who will heal, but it is what it is, I guess Power of the Heaven; Completely forgot about this skill, hence the first edit to this post. It costs so much mana to run at 4/4, I've tried so much to make it work I couldn't. I like the idea of HP% buff and either block or penetration but at its current costs it's just ridiculous to even use All skills: Ridiculously high mana cost, please reduce further. Any tank I have met with heavy merman and full penetration enchants (aka barely any mreg) can spam their entire skillset on me for few cycles, but if I do the same with full mreg enchants and heavy merman on, im down to 0 mana in 5 skills which is ridiculous. There's no counterwork to this other than mreg shield (less ferocity), mana book (extra cost), mana amulet (less resilience) and mana boots (greatness exists, but even then, others can do without these). Let us use our skills, dang it. Ending line Constructive criticism is good, if you simply disagree at least tell me why and how it would be better IN YOUR OPINION, and lest we forget, this is all my opinion based upon experience on maining the class since its release, getting legendary achievements, greatness arena rewards and full +10 pve/pvp gear, so if you find some parts weird or unknown to you, consider the circumstances.
  4. You can literally see the time by looking at the bottom right corner...
  5. Paladin's shield would like to have a few words with you
  6. With enough cash in hand, luck plays no role. It would further divide the playerbase into ridiculously overpowered people, some-what strong peeps and people you hit for target practice.
  7. I hope its a phys/magic ranger/tank just so people who enjoy said class can enjoy the class. Nothing in the game is created to smite people for liking something.
  8. If you are unable to comprehend what I am saying via my posts, then its no doubt pointless to have the topic open. Explanations are given and you do nothing other than question them or try to render them unusable, which cannot be. I know how Merman trial first phase works, I have participated myself in over 100+ of them, have fought tough battles and have also been the decisive person in some as a templar, to push the crown away from the center of the defense formation, then secure it. The merman video is nothing but a well played defense and a terrible offense. Even without the healing totems, I bet the sentinel side would still have lost due to 0% offensive stats from weakness totem and massive stagger from the surplus of AoEs, so more than half of the Sentinel melees didnt even get a chance to attack. In due respect I apologise for the snarky comment, it has no place in our forum
  9. Not rush into a disadvantageous battle and try to break it You're making no sense, why do people not come talk about large amounts of healing/weakness totems being placed in a defensive formation? Not rush into a full stack of legionnaires would be a great start to begin with You're right, 5-7 templars ALL resisted flow. You contribute nothing to the topic
  10. This thread consists of people who are salty that a sentinel guild tried to walk into a legion guild that had a metric ton of buffs, on top of numerous fat stacks of healing/weakness totems, dark circles, infinite stagger from puddle/acid rain/meteor shower/quakes, and failed to kill more than 8. Like a rat walking into a glue trap and wondering why its stuck. Then somehow it came to be that its the healing totem alone the issue, but most people on the forum mostly think on the small scale and not the large scale. Any skill when extrapolated in numbers is ridiculous. Templar only has one aoe stun and that is flow, otherwise well said. For a start, literally not rushing into a full stack of legionnaires would be a great start to begin with. Secondly, minimum of 2 templars with enough points in flow could have altered the entire outcome of the battle by pushing and spreading everyone away to create chaos and possibly could lead to a win
  11. Yes, it is. Probably the best class to be played hybrid there is, and it was a great stepping stone for the developers to add skills that suit a hybrid class. I am HOPING they make use of this stepping stone to help similar classes that are also included in the dichotomy of physical/magical (paladin, deathknights). I've personally hoped from the beginning (the preview of the class) till their release that they actually released a class that is better played hybrid than one of the two attack styles and I am more than happy with where it is, albeit I'd love if a specific style only also got some love (looking at staff-only templar).
  12. Long story short, auto-attack reduce effect is not as widely used due to its rare usefulness (Orcinus tanking, anyone?) so im bringing this suggestion in hope of a future where Templars can provide more to their team except ping pong. My proposal: When the Templar puts their Deity Statue in a location, in a radius of 3 yards from the center of it, it constantly applies a defensive barrier/shield/protection buff that mitigates 10-20-30-40% incoming damage OR applies a shield that is 100-150-200-250% of the SUM of your physical and magical attack, for as long as the statue is on the field. As soon as the duration ends, all positive buffs are gone. For the duration the statue is on the field, it is invulnerable to damage. Duration: 6-7-8-9 seconds Allies affected: 2-3-4-5 Cooldown: 30 or 35 seconds With this im looking to bridge the lack of the Sentinels to provide mass protection to their allies on the defensive side, as well as give Templars one better alternative skill to use for their arena/gvg endeavors Constructive criticism will be appreciated
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