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  1. You apply to siege T5 castle, and upon entering, you see this What you do?
  2. Bump for visibility
  3. In order for Distortion of Life to heal them while tanking 20+ enemies, they'll have to be stunned 24/7, therefore unable to even hit anything, let alone the flag. Doesn't need relic of secret theft really, healing 210% of the damage you take is already an overkill (You hit 1k, they heal 2.3k)
  4. Hourai

    Naval Battles

    Just for a single day a guild from sentinel side did not participate war due to many members offline/missing, and people thought the same guild "sold" the win. If you people really think a single sentinel guild can arrange that kind of a deal, you really are insane. Moreso, if such a deal CAN occur from a single guild, you have bigger issues to worry about than war, lol
  5. Here's a video of how this build works out against a dummy actually, as well as relics I use, if you can tell by their image at least
  6. I've been asked throughout my levelling days and now my arena days to show people how the class is/plays like, and I figured what better way than showing them Though bear with me i've no idea what to do in this game to show people how a class is like, do suggest stuff.
  7. Sure with enough buffs and precise timing, not the point here He's sexy and he knows it, leave him be You probably didn't have enough buffs, really, and that's what the screenshot is all about. By memory, I had; Grace +22% War buff +10% Power card +10% Power pot +10% Castle buffs +whatever Merman's +20% crit damage Priest aura +15% Gods help +20%(?) crit damage Was using craft mace +10 with magic enchant, lv20/18 physical amulet/cape, lv30 craft rings 3% each, had about 1411 physical. What's r
  8. 3 rows of buffs and 2 priests, it was pretty worth it. Without anything of those I can hit 8k crits, and people here on forum are telling me templars aren't good smh
  9. People who don't play Templar: templars are bad at dealing damage Meanwhile;
  10. Because Damage scales off your physical, and it scales even better if you have ferocity included, plus it hits area of effect. Its effects are practically unreliable (except the accuracy reduce, but if you don't go dodge its pointless"
  11. Can do 5 whirlwind and 3 flow as there's practically no difference from 3 to 4. Also, levelling Blame to 5 without also getting the silence skill to 3 or 4/4 is not pretty viable as you're left with very little silence time before you can drop blame for stun.
  12. I agree to disagree, at this point it's pretty pointless trying to argue about this. Those who know, know.
  13. I think you're misunderstanding the word "Support". Templar provides excellent displacing and movement control, unseen in any other class. "Support" doesn't mean heal/shield others only, which it even offers those two, too, and they're strong as is. See: They're essentially the "Warlocks" of Chosen race. Get that engraved somewhere. Its here to stay. Both can use staves, what's the point of this comparison?
  14. Again, it's too early for the class judging. All we know for sure is that templars were added to our arsenal to bridge the gap of stuns/locks that we lacked in the war versus mountainers/forsaken. In PvE we are either physical, magical or hybrid, and that changes a bit our role in the group. -From what I've seen and tried myself, full physical is mainly DPS with 2 skills -Full magic has similar damage output (blame scales really well) as well as a ridiculous amount of healing when stuns occur. It has been many occasions in arena 5x5 where i've healed 20k total among my group whi
  15. People invite predefined classes for their predefined roles instead of the newest class who still hasn't got everything in its arsenal? Colour me surprised. How is it not suitable for PvE? Just because there's a class that does something better therefore templar is terrible? I find it pretty good for PvE if not a much more interesting class than others i've played before
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