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  1. I hope its a phys/magic ranger/tank just so people who enjoy said class can enjoy the class. Nothing in the game is created to smite people for liking something.
  2. If you are unable to comprehend what I am saying via my posts, then its no doubt pointless to have the topic open. Explanations are given and you do nothing other than question them or try to render them unusable, which cannot be. I know how Merman trial first phase works, I have participated myself in over 100+ of them, have fought tough battles and have also been the decisive person in some as a templar, to push the crown away from the center of the defense formation, then secure it. The merman video is nothing but a well played defense and a terrible offense. Even without the hea
  3. Not rush into a disadvantageous battle and try to break it You're making no sense, why do people not come talk about large amounts of healing/weakness totems being placed in a defensive formation? Not rush into a full stack of legionnaires would be a great start to begin with You're right, 5-7 templars ALL resisted flow. You contribute nothing to the topic
  4. This thread consists of people who are salty that a sentinel guild tried to walk into a legion guild that had a metric ton of buffs, on top of numerous fat stacks of healing/weakness totems, dark circles, infinite stagger from puddle/acid rain/meteor shower/quakes, and failed to kill more than 8. Like a rat walking into a glue trap and wondering why its stuck. Then somehow it came to be that its the healing totem alone the issue, but most people on the forum mostly think on the small scale and not the large scale. Any skill when extrapolated in numbers is ridiculous. Templa
  5. Yes, it is. Probably the best class to be played hybrid there is, and it was a great stepping stone for the developers to add skills that suit a hybrid class. I am HOPING they make use of this stepping stone to help similar classes that are also included in the dichotomy of physical/magical (paladin, deathknights). I've personally hoped from the beginning (the preview of the class) till their release that they actually released a class that is better played hybrid than one of the two attack styles and I am more than happy with where it is, albeit I'd love if a specific style only a
  6. Long story short, auto-attack reduce effect is not as widely used due to its rare usefulness (Orcinus tanking, anyone?) so im bringing this suggestion in hope of a future where Templars can provide more to their team except ping pong. My proposal: When the Templar puts their Deity Statue in a location, in a radius of 3 yards from the center of it, it constantly applies a defensive barrier/shield/protection buff that mitigates 10-20-30-40% incoming damage OR applies a shield that is 100-150-200-250% of the SUM of your physical and magical attack, for as long as the statu
  7. It constantly re-applies it so it's less about moving and more about it applying it for the duration of itself
  8. You literally have to CONFIRM that you want to use a book, there's no such thing as "using a book by mistake"
  9. I think this is the single most important thing to be said in this thread. With 3 lines of buffs for the shaman(s) and their ally/allies, it's natural to reach silly conclusions such as stated before in here
  10. You're right but you can't really heal when versus 30 people, no matter the class, so the extra magic is practically non existent. Either way, not the time not the topic.
  11. With how distortion turned and how fragile you are wielding a 2h, it's eh, still. Merman set with full resilience and shield/mace enchanted with magic, maybe, but even then you're praying to tank with blocks and parries. Took it out of my fingers
  12. In a massive fight the staff templar will not be close to anything to get any stuns aside flow, thus rendering its usefulness far lower than you think, both on the damage and the support part. In my opinion it's a class to be played frontline and hybrid, and become the deciding factor of the battlefield, not someone who sit's behind and heals
  13. I played a staff templar for a majority of time, with absolute bis gear +10 charmed, and the support potential of the class is still bad. Sure, 4/4 passive heals my team for 933 per stun and I lose the damage from whirlwind, punch, charge and minion's first hit. Staff templar group support was killed as soon as they made the shield 275% of magic & physical, and hybrid support works better both on offense and defence. Each of my stuns heal 513 on my hybrid pvp setup and i still can help my partners to a respectable degree.
  14. Yeah, 5 yards seems like it'd be a good compromise. This is much more useful in combat than some people make it out to be. You can split a team with some solid placement of skills, and that's priceless for a class to be able to break a team like that
  15. Oh lol, hell yeah does it work in PvE. It's not a specific role in a group but it can do everything. Obviously, if you want to see big numbers, you don't pick templar, and if you want to see 3+ heals you pick a druid or priest, but if you like a kit that lets you be mobile, deal respectable aoe, heal respectable aoe, protect and move through danger without worries, its the class to be.
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