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  1. A problem I see in the game after returning from a 6-year hiatus. I'm no newb to the game but I have had a difficult time progressing and competing. This is also a big reason why the arena is boring and not competitive anymore. It's controlled by the overpowered and why we see "mc vs mc" or "elf vs elf" matches. Non-class books have taken over the game as the most wanted item to farm. Unfortunately, the most powerful books are dropped in raids. Raids are a gathering of parties with op gear and this includes "non-class books" How are new players supposed to acquire such items when raids are controlled by the overpowered parties who just keep getting stronger and leaving the rest behind significantly? My suggestion is as follows: Besides the boss rewarding the killing party, make the completion of a raid drop a chest as they do in events with a slight chance to reward other players who also took part in the raid. To help from players not helping and going AFK in the area, there should be a damage and hero level requirement. This will increase activity during raids and help players progress fairly. How does this help the game? As you may know, once these books have been acquired by the overpowered rich, they tend to sell them in the black market outside the game. My suggestion: Make these books untradeable between players. Make an exclusive bookstore where NPC controls a bid system with in-game currency. The player pays a small fee of either mcoin or gold and the book goes on sale for the week starting on par with the weekly guild tournament. Once the book is put up for bid, it can't be canceled. You may decide to set a reserve option for the seller. If the player decides to post it early, others can see upcoming sales. For the 7 days the book is on sale, players can deposit their bid in gold and when they get outbid, they get a message to increase or withdraw their gold. Once the tournament ends, the winner receives a message to claim their prize. This will also increase activity to farm and acquire in-game currency while giving some players a fair market. This may be moved to suggestions if need be... just my 2 cents.
  2. Barb's last wish has a long cooldown, which means that even if you spam LS, the cooldown won't reset. This is also a disadvantage in arena, so it's not broken. Their one good skill, and if you take that away, barb becomes useless. Barb lacks AOE, has weak damage, and weak defense when compared to other classes. Barb is not the best at anything but is an all around useful unit. Also remember barb has no range skills to flag.
  3. Cant and wont happened ... https://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?/topic/55044-20160921-update-warspear-online-61-preview-№2/&do=findComment&comment=984513
  4. Can you make barbs Last Wish skill cd reset every other match? Humble request It's not fair when we are handicapped...
  5. Higgins bro, rookies will never understand the game
  6. As a returning player who has low knowledge points and on behalf of those who are new or started a new class; We are disappointed with the fact that there isn't 2x knowledge.
  7. Legion side is dead in EU and getting worse. We can't raid any boss and arena is also dominated. Rare to see a book drop and earning talents is difficult. Very hard for new players to join us.... Any plans to fix this?
  8. I wonder if the guys who do the balancing ever played the Barbarian class. AoE for barb rejected. This doesn't make sense...
  9. Good times for sure. RIP Unforgiven, Ecuador when I met him... Mercurial Sulla and overall Hassn noobs
  10. You know who doesn't get scammed? ...lol
  11. Thank you for a great horror event. Only disappointment was Miriam. Drop was not that great for tough boss. Excited to see what next event will bring us. No luck getting zombie or smileys from quest but got enough drops in dg. Thanks you.
  12. Lucky indeed, I've done quest every day and got no smiley and no costume. I want noob costume so bad
  13. It's a shame, rangers used to be the kings of damage for hunting and farming. I bet its due to the fact that your faction doesn't really have good tanks and its overpopulated with op offensive bladedancers. Maybe someday developers will consider making dungeons separate from each faction. That will be the day.
  14. It's unfortunate but " the drop system is common for both factions, dungeons can't be made separately for each faction "
  15. Help! My friend Belkens from EU says no drops all event and still none with 2x drop rate. Help! Xd
  16. Dodge is useless in DG because mobs have such high accuracy. Tank (shield users) can't have that much dodge. So basically we use a dodge armor that is useless to us like a 3 stat armor. It doesn't hurt to give us block in armor (something useful).
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