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  1. Relic Location [Mountain Clan/Forsaken] Date - 3 December 2013 Place - Lowland of Sorrow Npc name - Old Arr-Vok
  2. Relic Location [Mountain Clan/Forsaken] Date - 1 December 2013 Place - Nadir Sard Npc name - Gamriz
  3. Relic Location [Mountain Clan/Forsaken] Date - 30 November 2013 Place - Lowland of Sorrow Npc name - Old Arr-Vok
  4. Relic Location [Mountain Clan/Forsaken] Date - 28 November 2013 Place - Light Shamans' Camp Npc name - Hyarvard
  5. YES. p/s : Healer minion and 1 medium potion at fiery place. ;)
  6. Ha-ha~ I'm just in joking mode. :blush: Actually, it's just a bug Crimson Corundum value i found on my laptop after i'm bought miracle coins for today. I should report this bug to Devs. Sorry. ;)
  7. I just want to collect as many Crimson Corundum :blush:
  8. Impossible using cheat engine, not working. :dirol: Just hard working doing Crimson Corundum missions everyday. :yahoo:
  9. Anyone have more Crimson Corundum than me? :blush:
  10. Relic Location [Mountain Clan/Forsaken] Date - 27 November 2013 Place - Fishermen Village Npc name - Elder Beyn
  11. Long story to tell you a true story xD
  12. Snorlax, i'm apologize. Can you change back my old name Axsiv? Because, er ... i'm change my mind now :'( Thanks for fulfilling my request before. Hope you change my old name back :shout:
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