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  1. selling this xbow eu-emerald/elf side pm here or in game , pm gwiagwi on elf/gwiazda on mc
  2. so this guy hunting this poor fairy like 3hrs ._.
  3. meh do I say that on you? im just reminding ppl so that if ever they will get scammed by my char that's not me. so don't be so jelly here .
  4. My Gwiazda got scammed/hacked so whenever he scam you that's not me
  5. so here I sent a email to you that I just want to delete my banned character named doommyth so I can rename my new character. ::) and I just ask if when will you do it? xD
  6. and here we go again :facepalm: DC and UNAVAILABLE :facepalm:
  7. I just asked why level 19 can't get book of oblivion? :cray:
  8. "No vacant expert skills slots" :facepalm: why? xD
  9. Barbarian WarCry - Makes all enemies in the radius of Warcry effect to attack the barbarian. The barbarian's physical and magic defense increases while the skill active. Druid Forest Song - All enemies in the radius of Forest Song effect, with some chance, may fall asleep. Once they get any damage the effect disappears. this skills like in dota xD Axe skill warcy and naga siren skill xDD btw its a good update :drinks: cheers
  10. I have shaman also ::) and his level 18 my build is 5 heal, 5 blind, 3 quake I guess it is the best for level 18 arena/pvp type :D
  11. root for pvp :'> bees for pvp :'> barskin for farming( but I use too in pvp) :'> lighting for pvp :'> heal ofc no need to mention xD
  12. Because of Maintenance today. Just want to ask for LOL players, best build for ashe? :lol:
  13. SELL: [+4 Blade of Sudden Doom] eu-emerald, elf side pm xrenz
  14. 5 barskin = 5% in all magic/physical def, so it is a big difference in pvp ::) and one more thing why lvl 5 on lightning if passive skill is adding 4% on damage :)
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