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  1. @Reivenorik is it going to be like swamp or even harder? im sorry for disturbing you
  2. hahhaahahah nice good job love it all
  3. I vote for: Escape to Prison - Gladiator, US-Sapphire
  4. i agree, haters gona say its fake
  5. u saw the chest? or they told you that they got it and do you have a screenshot of the chest?
  6. lallouss

    Changing my account mail

    hello @Nihtgale hehehe ermmmm this: :3 any other way? what if someone lost their mail hehehe or no longer have access to it
  7. lallouss

    how to improve paladin skills

    ah? lvlup purify for better damage output 5/5
  8. lallouss

    THEMERCS Hidden Truth

    Hello everyone, I'm Zeus (zeusxelie), leader of THEMERCS US-server. Recently a post was made aiming to spread lies about our guild and one of most trusted, veteran player of US server Critmebtch. Frazaalon aka Falllback aka Frazakiddy(current name) as we know up until recently was a Merc but had to be kicked because of his toxic behaviour to the players outside and inside the guild. He was given several warnings about his behaviour by multiple people but he always claims false victimhood in order to get away with his wrong-doings. He is in fact a gold-hungry-toxic player with no moral compass who will go as far as scamming other players, Harrasing them and stealing boss from questors. Critmebtch aka Behappyyy tried talk fraza out of his toxic behaviour. He asked him not to evade bosses of questors but Fraza replied rudely and continued to do so. In the end Happy did the right thing and dismissed Fraza from guild which made Fraza go on a frenzy. Those who have been playing on Us-server know how trustworthy, helpful and kind Critmebtch is and many players can attest to it. We have tried to make Fraza realise his wrong doings several times but his greed is intolerable now. He values no friendship, no relation but just wants gold and will use anyone he comes across as a means to get his way. He has even scammed the guild and we forgave that. He paid Qimicko for a pene book in advance and invited his known low level pala in guild, took the book and then made a scene, crying that his book was stolen. He tried to make it look as if he was scammed and made guild members feel sympathy for him. So much so that guild even paid him gold for his loss, thinking we were helping a scammed member. He will claim false victimhood to make people sympathise with him and he uses it to manipulate people for his own agenda. Below are screen shots of his past deeds and confession. He has done much more but we always thought that he'll change his ways. *He threatened to evade boss unless he was paid 100k *Threatened to evade boss unless he got cheap books *Confession of him scamming the book and his greed. Whoever comes in contact of him, be warned for your own good. i dont usually involve myself in dramas but i dont sit back and watch my friends being attacked without defending them knowing the Truth
  9. lallouss


    NICEEEEE you guyz lvled dungeon gp pot buff
  10. lallouss

    Rottung Air Event not activating

    Strength of Life Increases the maximum health of the character by 6% and regenerates the health of the character by 15%. Strength of Spirit Increases the maximum amount of energy of the character by 10% and regenerates the character's energy by 10%. Improved reliability Increases the "Reliability" parameter of the character by 4%. Improved Resistance Increases the Resistance of the character by 4%. thx to @Daria
  11. lallouss

    Sacred shield

    it works like priest shield depends on the hp whos skill is casted on 3/4 or 4/4 it gives double shield, 1 to caster and 1 to casted on its a supportive skill if ur build is for supporting than its good at 3/4 or 4/4 but mostly banner and either strike or call are better as damage output than a little shield buff
  12. No bro, these top20 from Guild Points Rating in each server
  13. lallouss


    yes congrats both of you hehehhe