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  1. 10-15 moderators actually hush dont tell anyone Im an undercover moderator myself
  2. its over 9000sarcasm!
  3. lallouss


    10 000 gold to npc
  4. oki yup fixed and secretly.... gg wp devs im still waiting a serious post about what was wrong at least
  5. huh well that's not fair hahah but good for them if it does last 2 hours
  6. its not wrong its because of the GP u get compared to t1 and t2 t3 and t4 1hour buff only, and also related to getting drops for high lvl
  7. its been 9 hours and still 0 drops books of any kind! whats going on? @Reivenorik 115 books all mega hard chances to drop? world chat = 0 book drops since 9 hours i personally did 20runs cc hard 20 runs rg hero
  8. lallouss

    Guild Tournament Prizes update!!!!

    i want 100/100 slots filled and 0 sold
  9. enough!!! devs really? when are u going to change Tournament Awards????!!!! NANI!!!! @Daria @Reivenorik @snorlax
  10. lallouss


    these from lvl1 workshop at t1 castle t2 gives 2 stats t3 gives 3 stats t4 gives 4 stats but scrolls cant be used in attack mode so they are useless in arena or actually anywhere lol they are like insta food but expensive insta food hahahah
  11. lallouss


    If u consider all resources already lvled up and everything is done than: crafting 1 relic costs 20k + a waiting of 14 days and 5 hour, if 1/1000hp
  12. lallouss

    Swamp Slug

    i think u mean spawn he drops amulet % and costume spawn swamp slug drops "Eye of Ravva" as @Reivenorik said