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  1. Castle Market

    new pots suggestion: Dispel pot: enchants weapon with dispelling buff, next attack makes the target lose 1 positive buff Random positive pot: gives user a random positive buff Random negative pot: enchants weapon with a negative buff, next attack makes the target gain 1 negative random buff Invulnerability pot: makes user cannot attack or be attacked for a small period of time Shield pot: grants user a protective shield that absorbs a limited damage
  2. Castle Market

  3. Castle Market

    we need more pots for castle crafting please: Speed pot: increases movement speed Damage pot: increases damage Unity Pot: Teleport one of your friends to your position and hope fully if u can fix this please: can u make this pot not random teleportation? 1. Either make it teleport the position we are facing towards or 2. We can choose area of teleportation towards
  4. Castle Market

    can u please put a 2nd shop keeper beside real markets? or somewhere on other maps because nobody even comes in the castle to buy pots, how u expect people to know about them? its frustrating to have something and nobody knows about it to buy it, nobody looks trade chat much and also they are lazy to walk all way to castles
  5. never i found out what it was eughhhhh its those empty vhial bottles xD these can be sold in regular market but the buffed ones can only be sold in castle market
  6. yes what about that Production section in market? what is it for?? Essence and Symbols goes in Development so... Production for what? and can u please put a 2nd castle market beside the regular markets? nobody goes in those castle to buy pots, they dont know how and they are far for them
  7. THEMERCS <(-_-)>

  8. We need to talk

    name and home address and ill deal with him
  9. Guess Who Will Post Next

    do you feel lucky punk? @DARKLORDESe A little girl or boy
  10. THEMERCS <(-_-)>

    Free Slot Contest #10 weekly Free Slot Contest

    i agree glad best pala who is this zeus?
  12. Should you play warden?

    ah.. well i dont know if i should tell u dont open the spoiler
  13. Booty contest Peacespear Offline

    remind me where u live boy