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  1. it doesnt not sure what your hinting at all aoe skills in general legion or sentinel hits flag as i said aoe skills not aoe debuffs, aoe debuffs like mage blazing ground and dk curse does not hit flag or throne or gates or even elm if im not mistaken shaman totem is 1 target based not aoe what kind of an excuse is this? at lvl32 most classes have same resilience and same defense even, but who cares when vs 100 enemies nobody survives more than few seconds not even a warden if knight curse becomes 50% of dk magic damage per tik and cant be casted on elf, be my guest thats fair, but i dnt think you want that u want a 180% of his magic and to be casted from town using a dummy elf? i think your gona evade answering this question lets see this is a fun discussion on what is really fair and what is not in my opinion how it is now, both sides equal in fair power n skills, saying chieftain dying faster than paladin without proof of words is a silly argument
  2. not in other servers sea pearl dominated by elf because all mc players quit its dead server eu emerald i dont know much ru all of them mc wins br tourmaline mc wins sa sapphire your server
  3. trust me u dont want our army of mages spamming blazing fire on ur flag it will go down in seconds with how many mages online dk curse already established why its forbidden because it can be used while the dk not having to leave mc town even
  4. swooping army does same damage in same scenario in same casting ability even faster dps than banner over 5sec, while banner over 12sec is there really an unfair advantage here? if so, say what is it because i clearly showed u evidence both have same equal skills and power swooping army does the same damage, do u understand simple english or not?
  5. what stack do you even mean by stacks with more targets lmao banner takes 12 seconds to deal its full damage, while swooping army takes 5 sec 1 banner will hit flag + 6 mcs for 6 tiks for 50% of paladins magic which is 500 of 1000 1 swooping army will hit flag + 6 elf for 5 tiks for 55% of chieftains magic which is 660 of 1200 u just admit it yourself by quoting a topic showing new banner has 450 damage per tik for 6 tiks xd
  6. *tell me you dont know how to play paladin without telling me how to play paladin* do i even have to post proof of numbers how much 1k magic paladin banner damage does? and how much chieftain 1.2k magic swooping army damage does in 1 spell? its literally the same total damage, and same critic chances Knight Curse can be carried by elf into town and does massive 180%magic damage per tik which literaly 1.8k per hit x6 or 8 hits? im not sure banner does 50% of the magic damage before u post lies, check and test facts swooping army 55%x5 (1.2k magic chieftain) banner 50%x6 (1k magic paladin) summoning skills lol wht is that fire totem idk how it works but its single target not aoe so i dnt see why ur mentioning it knight curse as i said can be used on dummy elf accounts + huge damage advantage can u stop nagging about banner? your chieftains doing the same thing in elf town so does swooping army, thats how aoe spells are suppose to work, non debuff related
  7. ask world chat for help say that there is enemies inside of xxx town you need help hopefully this works, or wait some time they will leave
  8. Yes true than reset the achievements tho i think many will get mad if they reset their achievements i think devs trying to avoid this being fixed not because not finding ways to solve it but because in the end need to reset the achievement for it to be solved and many gona complain i think jejeje blah np
  9. happened to me also i had to recover my account i thought i forgot my password but it happened again when using a different device but i dont know what is triggering i thought its my devices issues so i only using forum from laptop mostly now
  10. Personal warehouse for costume and for gears/weapons is a must by now all lvl32 has at least 30+ costumes and 30+ gears/weapons
  11. lallouss

    Frenzy need fix

    guild lvl10 or 11 or 12 if im not mistaken has a passive increase critic damage, + world event buffs + maybe book these all goes into calculation so that 2551! is not rly 100% its more than x2 ur normal damage is 1063 so x2 normal critic is 2126, doing 2551 without frenzy meaning u got (2551-2126) = 425 damage extra and thats 20% increase so the new added frenzy will be calculated as such: 2628-2126 = 502 damage which is 23.6% which is also strange not 26% so my math is wrong also xd i give up gdluck but im sure the math should fit u need show ur books and guild passive level and ur character buffs if u have any because somehow u have already +20%critic damage before frenzy
  12. yea i know its not important much just thought an official response would be good anyway no worries i give up on this for next few months
  13. i think either make it unusable in combat mode or make seeker invisibility skill same as wolf alacrity should be same % speed to have even grounds in these spells, speed now in many parts of gvgs or events can be used to take advantage off in this topic for example after 1st tnt take, 2nd 3rd 4th 5th tnt, chieftain can use his speed advantage to move faster to tower but this is temporary event not big deal like some other events which lasts longer like grotto achievement unbeatable achievement no elf skill can beat chieftain speed
  14. any official response considering this achievement?
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