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  1. Book does not appear in ornicius or octopus
  2. Happy 12th year anniversary AI Grind employees
  3. no worries i respect the hard work that goes on from devs and the warspear team, keep up the good work and ty for the info much appreciated to see that someone really cares for us
  4. Happy Birthday warspear 12th year anniversary Get me the video contest jajajaja
  5. i think @rockerobr is right game is aimed sometimes to 1 player, i mean look at Zeus he can solo any boss and any dungeon
  6. no worries as long as there is one upcoming i can wait for it patiently, im very much patient person jejejeje thank you for the replies
  7. Bump @Akasha @Holmes @Peony self casting sacred shield suggestion paladin getting weaker and weaker in crowd control situations
  8. @Tizzl the only possible way a minion might die from indirect damage is this maybe, shaman protective shield on monsters
  9. i honestly like to help support you, but need a video here to see why your pet really died, im not saying your lying me and my members from THEMERCS sapphire server did 100 total runs few days ago and 0 pets died unless we died 1st
  10. i might be wrong but i have many videos to prove pet doesnt die from indirect damage dealt by monsters, your claiming your pet is dying in dungeon, im sorry for that but you need to give support proof in a video or pictures that shows your pet did die in way its not your fault you have to consider other peoples opinion in this, if only 1 complaint about pets dying, why didnt other peoples pets die? other than your party let me propose a suggestion of how your pet died: your a death knight yes? Death knight has low raduis damage abilities, lets say you hit 30dmg in AoE your pet hits monser 50dmg, he gets agro he dies, is this a possiblity?
  11. pets are immune to outside indirect damage 100% sure the only way your pet must have died is if: u died and it was tanking or if u attacked a monster and switched targets, letting your pet take agro or pet healed you more than did damage to the monster * There is talents for pets underwater by the way * Protect your pet as it protects you
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