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  1. lallouss

    How is this possible?

    next challenge: 20khp
  2. lallouss


    no no i dont think its a good idea what i think is, need to lower the gold/gp cost and time to make them, i mean like it burns around 8mgp and 8million gold to max out a castle and 1month maybe thats alot of time if less time/cost is done than it will make it fair for anyone to attack others and keep repeating the cycle that way fair for anyone whos gona attack and defend
  3. lallouss

    THEMERCS (Youtube channel Videos)

    THEMERCS vs Huyenthaoi (Castle t4) enjoy
  4. lallouss

    THEMERCS (Youtube channel Videos)

  5. lallouss

    Castle Throne

    was it fixed before 3month ago? this is 3month ago
  6. lallouss

    Castle Throne

    3months ago last time i checked throne could be healed, was it fixed?
  7. lallouss

    How does a Guild event gets activated?

    i understood actually what happened, when a guild member does 5runs lets say than leaves guild the runs will be counted as 0 if he leaves before the event was activated thats why so leaving guild = removing of runs counted for that player is it bug or suppose to be that way?
  8. lallouss

    How does a Guild event gets activated?

    thank you alot and sorry for wasting your time, it helped me alot i go back to farming
  9. lallouss

    How does a Guild event gets activated?

    ty thats it group leader does server reset, effect the counter?
  10. How does The curse of Hrungnir” Guild event get activated in details? Condition of activation: complete 20 times any dungeon in the Horror Circus. 1. 20times but how? if the party is from 5 different guilds or some without guild lets say ABCDE will ABCDE each one count 1 run for their guild? or only the party leader who demanded the dungeon and when he exits gets 1 run counted for his guild? Restart time: 8 hours after the event ends. i know in between these 8 hours no runs are counted 2. Does server reset effect the runs counter? makes it 0 again? 3. Does the lvl of the dungeon matter, i did back to back 22runs lvl6 dungeon and the event didnt active on a lvl3 guild incidious 4. what are the conditions mostly for 1 run to be counted for the guild? thank you for your time ive been struggling alot these past 5-7days trying to find ways to answer these questions @Reivenorik @Peony
  11. lallouss

    THEMERCS (Youtube channel Videos)

    ahaaaa give it a go ill watch it for sure, do a tutorial about Halloween related event maybe
  12. lallouss

    THEMERCS (Youtube channel Videos)

    hehehe im not editing them much :3 cuz daily vids and too lazy now editing other bigger videos hehhe ty for watching me btw New video didnt have time to post here but here we go, give away already given ^^
  13. lallouss

    THEMERCS (Youtube channel Videos)

    Congratz to Astromagic winner 50k and now he can achieve his dreams of buying skill expert ^^
  14. lallouss

    THEMERCS (Youtube channel Videos)

    Episode 4 50K give away! comment the answer 1st to win it (Subscribe and Follow for more give away videos) *video will be available after few mins*