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  1. wow this is some new level of amazement, not only did you pick a hard costume to copy but you did it with so well details i dont think many notice these 2 beakers on you hips which in the in game costume can barely be seen but you copied them so well xd Jesus all mighty lmao Boots, wardrobe, gloves, hoses and the backpack even eyes and well everything actually from color to details perfection i guess gg i dont usually give this score to anyone but u got it 69/10
  2. what do you think in your opinions how drop system works in warspear?
  3. yea true i believe that also just wanted to see if %rate differs if solo or in a party to know if its worth it waiting 5 people or can go 1 to 4 understandable
  4. from my experience back in old days i used to farm bosses solo and i get multiple low drops in 1 character what u suppose to get in all party so yea maybe 1 guy is same as 5 guys in a party killing the same boss and only the damage makes difference but the outcome is it same or not all wonders about it nobody truly has an official answer for it same goes for dungeon does 1 guy get 1% chance to get book in dungeon lets say and 5 guys in another party has 0.2% each or they have 1% each or less maybe? u can say but ofc its 1% each party members, but do you really know it for sure? or just speculating because nothing is for sure unless it has facts or many statistics which is hard to do because of the low drop rates, can maybe test this with gears, do like 100runs solo and 100runs with 5 people and see if both gets same amount of gears or 5 people gets little bit more or x4-5 more the more runs tested the better the statistics true luck based on % and a formula with variables, thats not the question tho, the question is does having a bigger party effect drop rates for all the party combined
  5. For years all of us wondered but never asked the Question, many know this by experience or by trials and error but what is true and what is not we need to know and I've never seen anyone ask this before here on forum so lets cut to the chase and ask it once and for all: How does drops work in warspear for raid bosses and dungeons? in specific lets take an example: If a Party of 5 people kill a raid boss do they have same chance to receive a good drop as if 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 people killed the same boss? lets say 1% chance to drop, does the 1% divide into the 5people or each of the party members will have 1% chance? dungeon same question: does a solo player stand a chance to get a drop from that applied dungeon to get a good drop, if he had more people in his party does his chances increase? i hope this makes it easy to understand what we all need to know about this Question, if its a secret we will never know i guess i can live with it but let us know if possible to answer it thank you
  6. WARspear there are neutral zones where its hard to quest because of the over activity of players in that location
  7. wow rico bro nice concept i didnt think you can come up with this i got busy with holidays and work decided not to join im glad i didnt now because you would have rekt me jajajajaj amazing job other works are also cool but yours takes my breath away gg
  8. @Tsukiyomi click edit on topic > than double click each picture and reduce the ratio of them, your welcome gdluck in contest nice guide
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