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  1. ajajaj i knew it xD yea np not those 2 books, give me a bit time ill see which one to choose no rush
  2. Was pleasure working on the Paladin Guide it was a duty more than contest for me, i should have done it way long time ago but this contest motivated me to do it, i wont stop here tho ill post more guides in each new update that comes just for mentor other new players, it was really fun and thank you for journey. I have read all other guides also i think the judges decisions were fairly, to be honest i had doubts im going to win even i thought you wanted templar or chieftain guide but i care more to do paladin guide because i know im the best paladin to help get it done! i based my g
  3. Hes a heir/friend of my mine and also top paladin but he retired blah only he could stand against me in a 1v1 and live to talk about it
  4. awesome awesome!! i would suggest add 1 tiny thing as i remember when i was newbie back than 8 years ago i didnt know how the bonus set works, i thought i would get the bonus x2 1st and x2 2nd, maybe you can explain it in few pictures so newbie players understand how heroic set armors mechanics work
  5. i think better make topic to "Weekly routing of a warspear player" and include in this that now is spring time, and later in future guide can be helpful for people to check each week what wonders and great things they can do in warspear, because spring event isn't forever its ending soon thus making the guide less usefull in future best of luck amigo
  6. this is too narrow i think and limited, spring event isn't forever its going to end soon i suggest you change topic or i don't know make it something related to everyday in warspear what you can do for fun
  7. very helpful indeed to new and old players still many doesn't know what each book gives bonus, if anyone ask me i'm going to send them to this guide for sure, link is saved
  8. i see you updated your guide further glad to see a good Templar guide out there good luck amigo
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