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  1. we going off topic here about other classes this topic is about charmer dog filling up mc town making elf unable to enter it and in arena impossible to kill them using pvp weapons, im not sure if dogs act like pve mobs so pvp weapons very low damage on them but they inflict big damage on enemies counter-wise no need discuss other classes in a topic related to charmer, make other topics in other sections
  2. please keep your drama off forum, damn my fans follow me everywhere lol keep your drama in game i wont respond to bullies on forum i agree
  3. charmer pets and necromancer skeletons in war is a big issue its ridiculous never ending pet zoo in towns cant kill them easily in arena also u do low damage to them not sure if its because they act like pve mobs so ferocity damage to them is reduced, but they need to be fixed or give sentinel same type of skills to be fair i think best scenario to fix this issue is to give same abilities to sentinel as legion has thus making it fair to both sides in terms of skills, priest can have skeletons (revived wisps) and templar can have 1 more minion with low cd like dog
  4. bro lol since when disabling skills stun people mage chains = doesnt stun paladin fetter = doesnt stun shaman quake = doesnt stun chieftain trashing is like chains of mage they never stun stop writing in caps mate
  5. reminds of new warspear updates the hotkey takes time to adept to it but in end it doesnt even matter I had to fall to lose it all But in the end it doesn't even matter One thing, I don't know why It doesn't even matter how hard you try Keep that in mind, I designed this rhyme To remind myself how I tried so hard
  6. @Holmes @Akasha @Peony @snorlax @Nolan congratz on the new forum look and style i love it!
  7. mermen trails needs a total change in how guilds meets each other, like if you lose many times you stop meeting same guild or like a winning system of points depending how many times you win you will meet that guild, now considering the active and passive skills are disabled if high meets low so its ok if a higher guild who won 100 times to meet a lower guild who won 100 times also, this system should take old data maybe of win/lose ratios also this will make more guilds apply because they will have chances to win in mermen without having to leave their own guilds + will make more people apply lower level guilds, not having 1 charcater in them but many active characters so 2 factors in this mermen trailers matching system Factor 1: how many players applying Factor 2: how many win/lose ratio the guild has test it out for 2 weeks maybe and see if it makes things balanced if not than try make new system
  8. barbarian is also called chieftain still 2 different classes emerged
  9. i think 2 new classes coming later sorcerer (elf) and witch (forsaken) 50% sure, new gear were named after them check it out i think sorcerer will use heavy and light gear witch will use heavy and cloth gear
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