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  1. got busy in real life i already see good submissions here gg for future winners dont think ill be joining it
  2. @Dr Strange prepare to hand over that 45k carrot infinity stone
  3. you would think a great wizard would never do mistakes, the illuminati council will hear of this mistake!
  4. @Dr Strange applied use your time stone and check for me how many possibilities i win
  5. will we be able to post topics in game while server offline here?
  6. i hate to break it to you but there is already a guaranteed reward but not for 1 specific player, dungeon is like slot machine each time u open the chest u have a chance to receive a world chat drop, but there is a max limit also and an average i dont want go into details much and make it complicated for you so ill keep it simple for lets say if 20 runs max without a world chat drop than at 20th chest in that specific dungeon whoever opens the chest will get a world chat drop i hope u understood but they wont change their system and equations and seed just to please you, this is a system made balanced not only related dungeon but chest loots and mob, boss drops and even amplifying/charming this is true but not for 1 person its for anyone who finish that dungeon, thus making it balance to never have overflow of drops or underflow of drops gdluck
  7. correct, ok ill give reward to ur elf charcater sorry was busy, cu ingame gz Next picture monday or tuesday ill post 1-2hour heads up
  8. Find and take picture in same location (Prize: 300 mcoins | 1 winner) Difficulty Location: Map1 Forsaken enter your character name and server and ill message you in game for receive prize
  9. Posting picture in 1hour 27minutes
  10. ill post next one for mc saturday ill give 1-2hour early post heads up also anyone can create a lvl1 elf and search so i wanted make it fun easy narrow place changing up the game plan
  11. gg thats the one gz log to receive ur 300mcoins
  12. wait ah no thats wrong cave the flame is on the left bro xD not right mmm i didnt know there is a different cave with same flame mmm intressting here is better picture sorry, these stuff on the left include them in picture<
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