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  1. @Ahmed Didar the 3807 is correct here is why: what u receive: (174)+(339+301)+(456+301+507)+(200)+(221+209)+(302+301) = 3311 + 15% guild = 3807.65 which u have correct what u dont receive: a 2nd time of 1st bonus same set helmet+armor, u only get x1 bonus for both helmet+armor the 1st bonus in ur gloves and boots u also dont receive because they dont have a matching set for them equipied if u didnt understand ask me
  2. just kidding, ty for the infographics as always astonishing 2 Questions tho: How many costumes and books Captain Giant Octupus droped and which guilds did best times in the 2 events: Assault of the Ship | Descent into a Grotto thank you for everything and hope a new year 2020 with warspear
  3. each 2 same herioc equipment gives u x1 1st bonus, 4 of the same gives u 1st and 2nd x1 time if u can show ss of ur equipment and i will calculate for u the total def, not sure if u understood my point or if thats related to ur calculation
  4. Ah yes forum is amazing platform for feedback but sadly more than half the players dont check forum unless really big update, you can see from the views some topic has are less than the average people logging in game 😇😳
  5. lallouss

    Flashing Screen

    solution: each time someone pms u, ignore him. Keep repeating that till you have ignored basically everyone. ty for ur report happy holidays
  6. its been early posted so its hidden abit, hopefully my post will bump this topic on top again
  7. How about you add a like / dislike button for news when login to game and maybe a rating this would give your staff easy feedback on updates xD and would make people read the message without skipping it most of the times hahaha just a small easy suggestion
  8. @Bemep you drew that? if so than props for you bro, i see the reflection in the water amazing skills good job do more
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