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  1. Didnt forget xD thats useless in warspear hehehehe well.. U know what i mean, also why calling it mage 😛 ik they similar but shes known for it also
  2. All was going well, until in one too quiet day, the clouds were torn with thunder and the skies darkened. Your browser does not support the audio element. A resounding human-like laugh boomed and only a few words could be made out -- "Sam Hain... I am coming for you!" Your browser does not support the audio element. An unbelievable evil came either from the world of the living or the world of the dead. Sam Hain desire for pain gave him pleasure. Some considered those desires to be foolish but he wanted to satisfy his hunger, so on faithful night he went to his dungeon and called upon his demonologists, promising freedom to whoever could summon a personal succubus of pain and bind it entirely to his service. Akasha her name, arrived at the House of Horror, Sam Hain started to burn through the entirety of his extra minutes submitting to her cunning torments, inevitably relinquishing every one of his obligations in his quest for the agonizing delights that no one but she could bring. Ruler of Pain could carry him to the verge of death, however she was will undoubtedly keep him alive. Finally Sam Hain was defeated on 22 October 2013 that's when Queen of Pain was given free access to the world, liberated from subjugation, liberated to visit her sufferings on anybody she condescended to take note. Akasha the Queen of Pain knowing Sam Hain came back on this day to open his Horror Circus, she came to unleash her vengeance upon him and anyone who trespasses. Scream of Pain: Akasha lets loose a piercing scream around her 7x7 radius, damaging nearby enemies. (similar to Steel Hurricane Death Knight expert skill) Poisonous Blades: Strikes her enemie with a blade that deals a massive initial damage, and then deals regular damage over time, movement and attacks speed of her enemie. (similar to Poisonous Blades Rouge expert skill) Sonic Wave: Creates a gigantic wave of sound in front of Akasha, dealing heavy damage to all enemy unites in its wake and pushing them back. (similar to Sonic Boom Blade Dancer expert skill) Her servants the succubus gathered from all Arinar. >>>>>>PICS LATER OF THE SERVANTS<<<<<< Server: US Sapphire Character: Zeus Class: Paladin Level: 31-32
  3. agreed increase of maximum 100m gp is needed we high lvl guilds already having maxed gp we are wasting the gp rather than gather it for lvl13-14 i suggest make caps 150-200mgp on halloween update thank you
  4. haahahah dont go too close to it ok? hydrophobia
  5. hahaha i didnt even notice it till u put the sign
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