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  1. Ya that's true :rofl: maybe I will or just give my account away :yahoo: cuz its illegal to sell them :sorry:
  2. Deleting my chars would b hard to do lol :( :good: :sorry:
  3. Lol spam msg about ampinh :rofl: ;D
  4. Ya but I'm having my son soon any day :rofl: its different :P
  5. :search: :lol: yes i quit :shok: my baby soon to be born n I'm not gonna have time or money to play this game so was fun 4-5years playing if want keep in touch my fb link is on here
  6. Think I qualify :blush: ;D been playing before amp wen there was statue n nadir before lab :blush: but I quit any how :lol:
  7. :shout: :search: :shok: wooooooo me me me me lookn fly :dirol: :drinks: :friends: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  8. Wew 1 whole sign omg :lol: :* think im in love lolol worst gift ever -_- :facepalm:
  9. Lol so i got sum kinda funny ss photos the arena ss is wen i arena i was lvl21 my pt lvl20 8) :lol: :yahoo: :'( :lol:
  10. Im still here :rofl: ;D :drinks: :yahoo:
  11. Nope :clapping: :blush: ;D
  12. :shok: :rofl: :shok: sum friends u have lol ;D
  13. Ok the necro new skill mkes the npc fight each other n thy keep on healing him its pretty annoying can fix pls ty i want report my quests for tourny :facepalm:
  14. :blush: ;D both my chars same account :shok:
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