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  1. BEWARE GUYS he kidnaps baby chicken gnomes and keeps em prisoners untill he gets hungry then he kills em and fries their chicken legs with extra spice and eats them at insanely high temperatures without gettin his mouth and tongue burn or injuried !
  2. I play Pokemon GO everyday ! I play Pokemon GO ! that's why i'm done with ws
  4. well.. i was talking bout Hassn hehehe
  5. teh whole server talkin bout a legend !
  6. you win Julie Jules ! come back ! come back ! come back to where you once belong
  7. you guys hear bout this? yea black people are buying up all the red bull. yea, you know.. it's true.. you guys hear bout this? no, this is for real, this is for real, they can't keep redbull on the shells in the stores.. on the black neighborhoods.. yea they can't keep redbull on the shells. yea aparently they heard that redbull gives you wings so.. you know, like.. chicken wings..
  8. everybody talkin bout Hassn the Legend at sapphire server
  9. i would pay 1500g to the owner of name "panchen"
  10. shut up your always saying things like "that escalated quickly" and blah blah blah and what kind of name is that "gladiator" pfffff sounds like gladiaNOOB. y u no instead be calm and respektful, like me
  11. Cacturne i know you're still there, ready to gift me your +10 sword
  12. lv14s not missin ayvondil's fun !
  13. wake me up, before you go go
  14. everyday... at the mirror ! since you were born, have you eaten more burguers than tacos or more tacos than burguers?!
  15. how u gonna max both crit and cd when there's no belt with both stats? you gotta pick: snow belt if you wanna max crit, lords baldric if you wanna max cd also at the very moment you add fierce filth items or rg items, you stop gettin critical hit set bonus and if you use full kronus to get that set bonus, you stop gettin critical hit from all your items
  16. there is no way you can get the maximun critical ratio possible and the maximun cd possible at the same time, no matter if you are a shaman, a rogue, a chicken or Hassn.
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