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  1. Went to my holiday trip with my relatives and family.. Now came back for one day to see what's going on.. And what I see ? Bunch of people fighting each other because Developers made mistake by creating such "OP" skills for ranged classes.. Tho' I must agree most of you guys that those skills are OP compared to others.. As what I have seen people are complaining about CC skills of ranged classes.. In a fact melees need more CC skills since they have least of them. But why does Aigrind apply CC skills to this game ? CC is meant for PvP since it doesn't work against PvE bosses.. Isn't that wei
  2. Bad Developement thinks only about money. Good Developement thinks both, profit and players. Suggestions are meant to be creative and useful.
  3. Round 86 BO Zombies just made new high score and still going. Map is Kino der Totem with two players and only 1 Down yet.. Btw does anyone have ESO ? I got gift code and now I have 2 months of gameplay..
  4. Yes there have been similar suggestions but for different meaning. Also those suggestions are older than few months.. Anyway for Ibn Rushd, my idea is to add new faction with its own quests and profits.. I would bring some more end game content and more challenges for lvl capped characters.. I have modified my suggestion with red lines again :) Thanks for ideas Born and Ibn
  5. Thanks for warning me :) I fixed it to show where to put these crystals instead of commanding to put it them certain slots. This build is meant for every armor, that's why I'm just telling where you can put these Crystals and Runes, because your build might already have this stat capped without implementing any Crystals or Runes.
  6. Wars in Warspear are usually made by one to five players because they were killed so many times by opposing alliance players. These wars bring more and more people from each of the alliances until it ends in less than hour after it started and without any profit to the players who joined for fight. So my suggestion is to enchant these wars with some different attributes like adding new faction with new Market, daily quest(s) for getting Crimson Corundum and maybe longer wars with more than one huge fight in it. Some of the features might be impossible to make happen in Irselnort. Daily Que
  7. Don't you know that changing ip address isn't hard ..? Is voting via forums possible or is it possible for just Facebook people ?
  8. Hmm.. Just idea from my mind: Every class are able to schoose one of two different sub classes. "Tank" Classes have Dps and Tank sides. Tank side increases aggression generation and defensive stats while Dps side increases just offensive stats. Support Classes have Support and Dps sides. Support increases heal stats. Dps increases offensive stats. Dps Classes have two different Dps side. Another for high aoe dmg and one for high single target damage Mine suggestion is almost same without lowering any base stats and have two kind of sub classes for each class.. I know this h
  9. Well obviously Born, you are like Turtle Hermit here.. Or like Uncle.. Well you know what I mean..
  10. Great suggestion :good: This is something that has been suggested but with different attributes on it. I really like it, but some changes is needed specially for "Sage" mode.
  11. Tomorrow some Smite match ?? :P I have whole day to play, if I don't go to gym.. But yea if anyone here plays it anymore come and join with me.
  12. Sorry and thanks for correcting Ninjaowl
  13. Yes, we have it as Born said. Arena "contest" lasts 1 year and after the contest first 3 players of any group (2v2, 3v3 & 5v5) will receive reward. Also it doesn't matter which level you are, you will be still rewarded. All information is from last "contest" which can be old information now..
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