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  1. Will the next season rewards be the same? kinda pointless to get #1 and only to get same rewards x2 :bomb: haha
  2. Vomm

    Quiting the game

    Good luck Jon :friends:
  3. You just don't get it. The old ABC is dead! And it has been dead for nearly a year. ABC will never be how it used to be. Simple. In this tournament we tried to revive it back from the dead. Which was very challenging because there were only a few ABC members who actually want to compete. And so it was decided if we were to compete for the top 3 we had to get help from none ABC members. The non ABC members worked extremely hard playing night and day to ensure we stayed in the top 3. They do more Guild points a day than an ABC member would do in 3 days. In the end, it was not about friendship that gets you the reward or 1st place. It was who worked hard and truly deserved the reward. And you certainly did not deserve it. Same with Poetry, who only joined 2/3 days before the tournaments ends.
  4. Gets killed 30x+ in arena and a few times in pvp by a Barbarian... Let him calm down for couple hours ;D ;D
  5. R.I.P IN PEACE Gaycuriall'
  6. I am tho.. Was 2 - 1 to us xD You guys were pro :give_rose:
  7. Vomm

    Barbarian Guide

    True that! But how else can you be the tank when you have Rogues, Shamans and Locks who are doing far more damage then you? xD Going 1h and shield does have its pros and cons, like everything else.
  8. Vomm

    Barbarian Guide

    @ Supre. Yes, I agree. But not many will have a +10 1h. Their damage will be extremely low when hunting a boss in a party. Taunt will allow them to be the tank, for a short period of time anyway. Yes, it changes. It goes up +1 every time you level a skill. Which is not a big difference.
  9. Vomm

    Barbarian Guide

    It is a 50/50 chance. There is no such a thing as an 90% successful charge rate. That would make barbarians cray!
  10. Vomm

    Barbarian Guide

    It is still under development and not 100% finished. I am focusing mainly more on the skills and equipments for now. But I will definitely try adding stats and other interesting tips before the contest ends. Ty for commenting xx
  11. Vomm

    Barbarian Guide

    Coming very soon! .-.
  12. When are you returning?? miss you :cray: @ Jamie - Hope things get better for you irl. And Dont worry about these dramas, they're just pointless.
  13. So you have chosen the path of a Barbarian? Good choice! Read this guide, it will tell you all you need to know about the warriors of Mountain Clan. - Table of Contents: 1. Introduction to Barbarian 2. Active Skills 3. Passive Skills 4. Skill builds 5. Equipments 1. Introduction: The Barbarians are the mighty warriors of Mountain Clan who rely on their strength and incredible toughness to win battles . Their unhumanly strength, beastly rage and ruthlessness in battle makes them a truly fearsome enemy. No one wants to start a battle waiting for the enemy to come at you, and get the first couple hits. As a barbarian, you will have the ability to charge at your enemies and struck fear into their eyes before the fight even starts!! Your fighting abilities and skills will help you significantly, to you and your friends when hunting Elves or simply hunting bosses. 2. Active Skills: Active Skills is a skill which can be activated and controlled by mouse or keyboard. They take mana and grant an immediate effect. You get skill points when you level up, you can use these skill points to improve the effectiveness of your active skills Barbarians have 5 deadly and useful active skills. Strong Blow: Is one of Barbarians most important skill. You must always keep this skill at 5 skill point if you want to be an effective barbarian. It is a strike that deals heightened damage to the enemy, the strength of damage increases with the skills progression it causes physical damage. [usage range: 1 yard] [Energy expense: 16 points] [Cooldown : 7 Seconds] Roar: A Barbarians Roar can be very helpful when killing monsters or hunting elf's. It is a frightening roar that can detect rogues 'Stealth and reduces the Strength of any incoming attacks, lowering their damage. The more skill point's you add into this, the more damage you will decrease. [Energy Expenses: 16 ponits] [Cooldown: 15 seconds] Taunt: A Barbarians taunt can be useful when doing hunts or killing a boss in a team because, it attracts the target's attention and makes the enemy attack your character. If you used it on a enemy character, both you and the enemy will lose his target. The time of this skill effect increases with each level. [usage range: 5 yards] [Energy expense: 7 points] [Cooldown: 8 seconds] Chop: Is low damage skill. But can be very useful. It is an additional damage that causes the target to bleed, resulting in physical damage over time. Can be used multiple time against one enemy stacking to a maximum of 2. Chop is a great way to keep range attackers close, damage from bleed will make it very difficult for them to run. It can also be used to run away from an opponent. [usage range: 1 yard] [Energy expense: 11 points] [Cooldown: 6 seconds] Charge: Is barbarians best skill. It instantly rushes to the enemy from a distance of more than two yards, and with a strong blow, may stun the target. This can be very useful when killing casters. The chances of stunning the target increases with skill progress. [usage range: 5 yards] [Energy expense: 22 points] [Cooldown: 20 seconds] 3. Passive Skills: A passive skill is a skill that is always active and doesn't require user interaction to use. Mountain's Power: This increases character's health by 4%, it also increases defence against sun magic by 5%. One-handed sword:- This allows you to use one-handed swords. One-handed axe:- This allows you to use one-handed axes. Shield:- This allows one to use shields. Two-handed swords:- This allows you to use two-handed swords. Two-handed axes:- This allows you to use two-handed axes. Lightweight Armor:- This allows you to wear light armor. Heavy Armor:- This allows you to wear heavy armor. 4. Here are the skill build up for all you Barbarian lovers out there: From level 1 - 14 - I recommend you to use your skills on, Charge and Strong Blow, get both of them at 5. They are barbarians most useful skills, and are the one you will need the most when levelling up. From 15 - 18 - I definitely recommend you to use your 3 skills points, that you will be given, on either Chop or Roar. Chop is the favourite and that's what most barbarians use it on. And even though you're clearly a combat-oriented character, you can fill many different roles when playing as a barbarian. You can be a Tanker, Attacker or a bit of both, if you like to mix things up. When you have reached level 20. You can use BOOK OF OBLIVION to RESET all your skills point. And then you can decide what kind of Barbarian you want to be. Attacker: This is for the Arena and PVP lovers. Strong blow : 5 Roar: 1 Taunt: 1 Chop: 5 Charge: 5 Defensive Barbarian: This is for the Tank Barbarians. 1h and a Shield. Strong blow: 5 Roar: 5 Taunt: 5 Chop: 1 Charge: 1 Mix Barbarian: This is for those who love being a Tank and also love doing Arena/PVP matches. Strong blow: 5 Roar:1 Taunt: 3 Chop: 3 Charge: 5 5. Equipments: > From Level 1- 8 Buy and use NOVICE SET. If you cannot afford to buy a novice set, then fear not! You can simply buy the 1- 8 gears with quest golds, and if you cannot afford to buy them all, then buy just the weapon. > From Level 9-11 You can find some very good gears in shop at the first town. These items will cost very much if you're not an mc buyer, so if you can, just get the weapon and not worry too much about the gears. It is the damage which is the most important at this level. > Level 12 - 14 You can hunt small mini bosses for items or buy them from another players in the market. > From 15 - 17 Again, You can hunt small mini bosses for the items or buy them from another players in the market. You can also buy and use the arena equipments/weapons when you reach level 17. > From 18 - 20 This level is where the fun starts! Every Barbarian should try and reach this level. There are so many great weapons and equipments that can improve your overall defence and attack. This is what every Attacker, Tanker and Mix Barbarian should wear. ATTACKER: For sheer damage-dealing ability, nothing beats a two-handed weapon, especially when you're in rage, blood-thirsty hungry mode and ready to smash your enemies in to pieces. But a two-handed weapon does prevent you from using a shield. You will lose a good amount of defence for a high damage. Labrys Of Sudden Doom Champion Plate Armor Champion Heaume Champion Gauntlets Champion Treads Champion Girdle Abyss Zealot Chased Ring http://i.imgur.com/MmQXBWX.png' class='bbc_url' title='Внешняя ссылка' rel='nofollow external'>Medallion of inward power Abyss Zealot's Cloak TANK: For tank, 1 hand and Shield is the way to go. It will will help you significantly. You will have the best possible Health and Defence in the game. You will also have a high parry, dodge, block and health regeneration. Joining and stacking these stats together, is what makes a good Barbarian, the best tank in the game. Hatchet Of Sudden Doom Shield Of Heroic Endurance Hauberk Of Heroic Endurance Plate Gloves Of Heroic Endurance Treads Of Divine Defense Heaume Of Divine Defense Star Pilgrim's Sword Belt Abyss Zealot Chased Ring http://i.imgur.com/MmQXBWX.png' class='bbc_url' title='Внешняя ссылка' rel='nofollow external'>Medallion of inward power Abyss Zealot's Cloak MIX BARBARIAN: With mix set you will feel a lot more 'flexible. You will feel fast and deal alot more damage, and this is because, of the fact that you will have more speed and a 'chance (%) to critical hit your enemies even more so than before. Your main stats to focus on will be, Critical, Accuracy, Speed and Penetration. These stats are mostly found on the leather gears. Barbarians can equip leather because of their passive skill and can choose to mix between leather and heavy if they wish to. Labrys Of Sudden Doom Tread's Of Divine Defence Killing Whisper Mask Killing Whisper Bracelets Killing Whisper Brigadine Star Pilgrim's Girdle Abyss Zealot's Carved Ring http://i.imgur.com/MmQXBWX.png' class='bbc_url' title='Внешняя ссылка' rel='nofollow external'>Medallion of inward power Abyss Zealot's Cloak #(click on the names to open/see screenshot of the item)
  14. Best Guide for Mage, by Egoist. http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=99982.0 It will tell you everything you need to know. Please follow the link.
  15. Sell: Snow Queen - [ EU ] Pm offers in Forum or in Game!
  16. Sell: Ice Warrior - [ EU ] Pm offers in Forum or in Game! SOLD
  17. Vomm

    my DK

    Dk and Lock or Barb and Lock are a good combo in arena. Especially if they are high amped.
  18. Vomm

    Minions Guide!

    Pumpkin Guard is just Awesomee!! Charge + Ham in 1 Minion? Just OP :P
  19. Good bye US and Hello EU? Welcome Male :P
  20. If that is true, then it is very sad what Caza did. Acting like someone else to scam others? pff. And Mdea should of known better. I mean, giving your account away like that? Without coming to MC and ask that person for confirmation? lol. Just Too easy for scammers nowadays. xD Anyway, Caza sold the druid to Ithan and it is now called Ithaan! should be banned. :snorlax:
  21. Welcome to the guild Shilan and Mellfice. @Shy, :diablo: GIVE ME SOME!
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