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  1. Just forum??!! i ask them to mute any player use offensive language in Game not just forum. these days i see warspear is turning into a sex channel u just be online in US and check world chat u see what i mean.
  2. Migam bazi kiri yani in namosi bebin XP ro ke in queste mide ba pot
  3. Its more than 6 months that our guild is scammed and i try so hard to buy our guild back but no one is online in that guild so far please please please give it back to us :cray:
  4. ok u changed and nerf druid skill but at least make it a bit fair u reduce area of effect so please increase dmg OR stun time of this skill if we compare this to shaman`s skill "earthquake" so u have to increase stun time and damage instead COME ON DO SOMETHING :bad: :facepalm:
  5. please one more thing reduce that stupid price to go to ayvondil and coming back it cost 670 gold each travel its so highhh
  6. now this skill sucksat least increase stun time instead of reducing area first priest skill and now druid skill :facepalm:
  7. topic shows suggestion thanks all
  8. priest have to cry while guild lvl 6 can get energy regen so then priest skills will suck i dont know how much will be that energy regen but it will RUIN the most effective priest skill(mana burn) because of this, i complain of 2 mana burn skill for priest i wonder why DEVS dont mention this and dont make kind of stun for priest or kind of direct skill for damage(i mean not need target action)
  9. necros shouldnt complain about priest mana burns while they can get like 50 regen lol the only class that i cant win in pvp is necro lol hard hard class
  10. i start again im talking about priest new skill named Elusive Threat you Roland said this "Damage depends on your HP, increases with a skill level" it means Damage of this new skill depends on my priest HP. YES OR NO? if YES: i have a priest with 3200 HP (with pot) so this skill deals some percentage of my HP yes??? if yes i dont think its damage even in 4th lvl will be higher than 300 so why u make it fully resisted by mobs if NO: i mean if the skill damage depends on HP of target (enemy or bosses or something) change it to something that depends on our HP or our magic damage so it wont need to be resisted any more idk if u get or no ;D
  11. do u know what is the worst thing here? priest has 2 king of mana burn that both can be resisted easly and now u made it realy useless by making this skill almost fully resisted in mobs just show me 1 skill in any class that be resisted (i do mean resisted not dodge or parry) in mobs (except bosses i know it was shit :D)
  12. check it here http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=109385.msg838439#msg838439
  13. COME ON REMOVING priest skill named Elusive Threat is better to make it shit :facepalm: why resisted at mobs i just have 1 queston what does that damage dealt by this skill depends on?? does it depend on target HP i mean some percentage of target HP ?? or it depends on magic dmg we got ???? please answer
  14. ya bro they nerf priest skill it now suckss world power need skill usage easly resisted and this new skill need movement that easier to resist :facepalm: :facepalm:
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