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    I mean, Reality sucks. The world is a cancer, And shits so bad it's scary.
    But you know what? One day, It's not going to be here.
    So be glad you know what life is.
    You're alive. Live.!!!!!!!!!

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  1. yes .. hes a newb. but he have a good stats. good skill.i seen tht.. idk now he's inactive
  2. okay. ill write some good elfes (Active) aftr quit been a years and back again. Bd: ive seen many good newb bds like vendetta voonz hiepsy and heoboriin. but i choose kickexgunx and swagathero ranger : xxamitxx and borjjn druid : still my ♥♥♥♥♥ lordarab and phisicxrum paladin : oh no . a first beast paladin zeus and newbs Koreaworld (idk i just seen hes gear xD) mage : skynete and kesler priest : mjiljcp (i seen this powerfull priest) awesome. after all. ths is just game. for fun. dont take it seriously blah
  3. hello Mercs .. ^; My fully respect for zeus and he's Guild. Gz dude.
  4. Rotfl ... u're too overwrite.and im nt pro as u said , theres "Yins" so far. still upper from me. Dnt take it seriously.
  5. Rotfl . just that cause,make u want to del. chars ? did u read and understand while u reading forum?
  6. this is event update thread. not and bugfixed. did u all think .power of blades is bug ??
  7. u should learn a skill than amped. probably,amped is accesories for skill.
  8. finally ... after 3-4 years hope. now u giving out a good bd's skill .. thanks anyway ..now i've reason to comeback
  9. just back and will change it ...
  10. Kangen WS :sorry: pngen ktemu tmen'' di WS lg :sorry: tapi kesibukan ngalangin :facepalm:
  11. ahhhhhhhh ... galvatron,tyler ,chrono ... sup my dude :drinks: ;D
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