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  1. selling this xbow eu-emerald/elf side pm here or in game , pm gwiagwi on elf/gwiazda on mc
  2. so this guy hunting this poor fairy like 3hrs ._.
  3. doommyth


    meh do I say that on you? im just reminding ppl so that if ever they will get scammed by my char that's not me. so don't be so jelly here .
  4. doommyth


    My Gwiazda got scammed/hacked
  5. so here I sent a email to you that I just want to delete my banned character named doommyth so I can rename my new character. ::) and I just ask if when will you do it? xD
  6. and here we go again :facepalm: DC and UNAVAILABLE :facepalm:
  7. I just asked why level 19 can't get book of oblivion? :cray:
  8. "No vacant expert skills slots" :facepalm: why? xD
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