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  1. We can't amp our accessories using mobile phones, works only on PC. :facepalm:
  2. Better not to join this guild ;) nothing but a guild for pvp disturbers/gankers.
  3. My new List :D Blade Dancer: Yins/Hamstring/Getf*cked Druid: Poley/Acridtwo Ranger: Nessah Shaman: Pummy Barbarian: Degree Rogue: Rogueskillz Priest: Priestking/Siimple Mage: Hrimfaxi Paladin: Zeusxelie Warlock: Levanduy Necromancer: Eldrimnhir
  4. Twinxblade = Degree/Warboy? 8)
  5. bushy :tease: peace brow :pleasantry:
  6. You can retrieve your account by sending ticket to support :friends: good luck.
  7. I have a hacked symbian phone, and I have no problem on installing it.
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