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  1. i hope that id will be banned forever....
  2. pls pls...fix and balance it..... Arena is a private club where inside u find all kind of spammers...cheaters ... multiboxers....!!!
  3. this is great for new players... !! why don't u create a subgame called arenaspear ?? where u can put a tourn. only for the great winners... this is for you Roland ---- how a new player can win in arena vs those rewarded chars ? pls give me a good answer
  4. 2 years ago we did 1 week war ....big big war.... once u decide who'll be the leader ... pls pls ....pass the message to your GUILD MEMBERS The real Boss s Poley ! nobody like her ...
  5. yeahhhh LEG....... !! is time to revenge !! :diablo: :bomb:
  6. you still do the same error.....some ppl HAVE INTO THIS GAME to be OP compared to all other players.... now is a rule.... hope you create some regular items to balance that or.... they will win for ever in arena and your pathetic story will continue...
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