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[2017.03.01] Warspear Online 6.4: Mysteries of the Blissful Isle. Preview

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Warriors of Arinar!

March has finally come to Arinar, and the air is now filled with something very desired - the Honoring of the Spring King! The Blissful Isle will be ready to welcome all guests already next week, and now it's time to learn what to expect from it this year, for it is not only unique achievements, holiday skills, new relics and precious rewards, but also new challenges!

After Wickedora had given up the evil force, the citizens of the island were enjoying peace for the whole year. But frozen days always come after warm ones, and all stories always repeat: another wicked Witch appeared on the Blissful Isle and settled down in the Furious forest in the south of the island. She brought down hundreds of troubles on the Spring King’s people.

There is a rumor among the people of the Blissful Isle that the Forest Witch is somehow related to Wickedora. Moreover, some say that she is her stepmother Momba who should be already dead for many years! But all cats are gray at night — and all evil witches look alike.

However, it never rains but it pours. Shortly after the appearance of the Witch, the Wonder Wizard came to the Emerald capital. He evicted the King from the palace and promised to defeat the Forest Witch in a short time — but for the present he is more successful in intimidating citizens. Perhaps, even wizards need help, don’t they?

If you still have maps of the previous Blissful Isle, don't hesitate to throw them away, for this year it is going to be completely new! Unexplored forests, secluded caves... Oh, and the most important thing: fights between Alliances are forbidden throughout the whole territory of the island! But even if this time you are safe from enemy Alliance's attacks, there will be plenty of them from monsters, since they are grouped and very dangerous!

]xTm3f7M.png  GzjI3We.png  s1reRe0.png
Holiday Quests

A chain of entertaining storyline quests will help you to pass the time and let you meet all the most important persons of the island: the Spring King, the Wonder Wizard, Wickedora and many more. And the moreover, you will be able to find out who is this wicked and ugly witch and why she decided to destroy the whole Blissful Isle!

There are also several daily quests prepared for you that won't let you get bored or stay empty-handed. Hope you are already excited!

UVLIAf9.png  Au62M3q.png  cBH2PDA.png

Solo Dungeons

Six solo dungeons of the Blissful Isle will welcome the most brave and valiant warriors that can rely only on themselves.

Although there is only one final boss, there are several paths to him that will force you to use completely different tactics. By the way, there is no time limit in these dungeons, so remember: the slower you go, the farther you get.

Note that your level must match with the level of the dungeon, otherwise you won't get any reward.

UMZjyaf.png  p5KRXEW.png  KP19EXK.png
"Conspiracy of Kings" event

You have to confront the Blind Lord who lives in a deep secret cave and is ready to defeat everyone who dares visit him. It may seem not very difficult, but everything's not that easy: before that you have to complete three stages that include quieting down some disturbed fairies, killing the mighty Goblin King and standing against the crowds of furious trolls!

eHg6N9i.png  M9cd9yJ.png  66apyVZ.png 


"Secret of the Furious Forest" event

This time the mission is even harder and consists of six stages. You need to reach poppy fields and wake up spring heralds, summon and defeat dreadful waterers and salamanders, kill jail keepers and their prisoners, Brothers Bim and Bob, free the Wickedora's Castle from the monsters that inhabited it and, finally, face Momba's minions - Midnight Owl and Wooden Clown. The ones who are lucky to survive till the end, as usual, will get excellent rewards!

LBFihet.png  sY1gK9b.png  27haary.png 

CUfWEfN.png  9cY3n59.png  9p717wd.png


The main villain of the whole event, Momba, is already making sneaky plans to kill the Spring King and all the residents of his country. The mysterious Witch lives at the end of the Furious Forest: it means that the path to her won’t be easy. Only the strongest and bravest warriors will be able to overcome the enchanted thickets, reach the distant hut and challenge Momba to a battle. But don’t doubt - the reward is really worth it!


That's all for now, additional information about rewards, achievements and much more will be available in the day of the update.

See you in the game!

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Is island design same as last snow and horror? Gotta walk for 10 minutes to get to max lvl dg and to end of event every time without respawn statue, are mobs in groups like last snow event so its very had to pass, do mobs at max lvl arena still hit insane dmg, what buffs will max dg gear and wpns have?

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You can speak to them via email. There is no quicker way and there are many players with urgent problems as well :( 

Feel sorry to hear that but it`s taking like forever to get a reply from them, and I know you get ALOT of requests but you know...I`m not the kind of guy who is gifted with patience

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Note that your level must match with the level of the dungeon, otherwise you won't get any reward.



Does it mean a lower level character won`t be able to drop or go into a dungeon with a high level requirement?




And will it be a pvp zone like last years event? people really liked it







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My kind of trees.

I love it. *claps*


Exciting as always, Great Ones.

*waters wilted sunflower*



The preview image is amazing.

As always, the artists do always an amazing job. :) (in case there are more than one.)



And, awesome! Can't wait, looks exciting as every event, and those skins look cool!

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Note that your level must match with the level of the dungeon, otherwise you won't get any reward.



Does it mean a lower level character won`t be able to drop or go into a dungeon with a high level requirement?




And will it be a pvp zone like last years event? people really liked it







 please answer these two questions :good:

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Ty gm for events..im missed Rio Carnaval . But when we start bored always makeing new events. : :)

i hope all can get nice drops.Good luck all. :good:


why i cant see (png) pics? ;)


maybe your connection? or maybe your government banned some image hosting sites? my government banned imgur so I used VPN to see those images

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That teleport do not allow mc players to go right side , you can only go left side with that teleport, unfortunately sometimes cicada respawns at right side of that teleport and only elf players can kill it on there. And when it respawns at the left side of the teleport only mc players can kill cicada there.

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