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  1. how finish that map? everytime at that map Im starting from respawn statue I gotta kill the guard, yep?
  2. ehh, again event failed for me.. just do quest(bored), dg maybe interesing but too hard, maybe it is well-fitting for high amplified players, but Im out, mayyybe Ill try later, again.
  3. Im still trying draw something Its nice if Im bored. What do you think, guys?
  4. I gotta hide my chicken. Somebody want fry him.
  5. My first try what a creation! Im a genius!
  6. The worst event which I remeber but thats end so. .
  7. 1975 guilds on EU server
  8. Yep, sorry. I forgot that I didnt update it, please forgive me, Im noob
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