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  1. I've been playing the game just from time to time but I do miss being active on here too. As a costume collector I was recently pretty baffled by how some costumes dropped in gold value when I logged in after a whiiile, at least on Eu Emerald that is.
  2. Personally I don't think they will change the amplification system because I'm pretty sure it's the main source of the games income, might be wrong on that one though. Anyway, amplification was never fine or balanced, I've been playing since 2014 and it always created an unfair advantage. I'm very hesitent to spend money on the game due to how hard it is to amplify items just to get a 100 damage increase for example, I think it's only for people who want to spend a lot more money/gold who go for a major upgrade, and even then there's situations like yours.
  3. Yeah, and you can tell players liked the event because we kept doing the full Defending the School of Magic event most of the time 😄 usually players stop caring after a week of doing the regular events.
  4. I guess I would be tempted to visit the natural areas of Japan, I like their culture n stuff. Is there a song that you like so much youve been listening to it since you discovered it?
  5. Remember the previous event where there was an item [Box with a Troll Costume] haha
  6. Congratulations! Good to see users being appreciated for their contributions on the forum.
  7. If you ever decide to add an item database (random loot, not armor) I might be of help as I sometimes collect those. I can also help with costumes if you will add those as well.
  8. I would expect it to be purple, interesting though that the devs give the costumes different name colours, except miracle yellow theres still the green ones.
  9. Heya, Id like to propose the idea of adding a collection album to the game. It would be a new button in the menu somewhere under *character* or something. The album would then be divided into - skins, costumes, trophies, equipment. The album would have a full list of items for each category, but only collected ones can be previewed on the your character, lets say costumes or armor. 😛 Costumes and Skins are self-explanatory, they would be added to your album once you have them in your bag, same applies to all other equipable items. Trophies - items that drop from critters, this is just an eh idea. equipment - everything from rings to bows to helmets etc. This section would be again divided into every kind of gear. For those who like to collect items this would be an awesome feature in my opinion, and I would be really happy to see it implemented into the game.
  10. What breff said, otherwise what he did is against the rules and support wont help most likely.
  11. he said he wants to use staves and also have atk, warden has none of the two. *shrug*
  12. Its a bit weird to expect all classes in one class but since youre saying staff, I would say play the Mage class.
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