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  1. Kaleidoscope

    [2019.01.17] Arinar goes beyond its limits

    Chinese mmos/rpgs usually have a joystick as a controller on screen and 4-5 skills, they are all very generic. thats what he meant.
  2. Kaleidoscope

    Six shadows

    you can pretty much skip the quest and come back once youre stronger, ever since it was turned into an optional quest there arent many players doing it, i believe.
  3. But its not always the same, there are new bosses, costumes and achievements, and also quests. I get your point but logically they cant add more and more each year. They need to work within certain limits. Oh and also forgot rides, those are something they added, not recently but they did.
  4. What are you expecting? Its a winter event, not many people expect more than last year, just something to do outside of the usual ayvondil routine.
  5. Kaleidoscope

    Server Transfer

    Nothing is impossible in game development, but they probably have their reasons why they didnt implement it. Personally I wouldnt want server migration. I think I supported it a whiiile back but thinking about it now, nah.
  6. Kaleidoscope


    thats why im wondering if thats possible, i dont see then how you would find and ban those guys who sell cheap mcoins.
  7. Kaleidoscope

    Stun skill for shaman/stun with earthquake

    fear is also a cc skill, rather than adding a stun it would be great to fix screen bugs so shamans can land earthquakes better.
  8. Kaleidoscope


    how? only way would be to block vpn altogether i think, if thats possible.
  9. Kaleidoscope

    Fix achievement counters

    Nightmarish puppets & Pumpkin of the evil genius have weird counters which make them hard to track.
  10. Kaleidoscope

    Remove axes from Bladedancers

    simply removing axes from bds wont fix the issue of being op. and even if, its not an easy thing to do now.
  11. yeah but those two are always the event highlights for me 😄
  12. I caaaaan't wait! new costumes and achievements
  13. Kaleidoscope

    Discussing nerfed and op classes after update 7.7

    they should work though...