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  1. Heya, Id like to propose the idea of adding a collection album to the game. It would be a new button in the menu somewhere under *character* or something. The album would then be divided into - skins, costumes, trophies, equipment. The album would have a full list of items for each category, but only collected ones can be previewed on the your character, lets say costumes or armor. ๐Ÿ˜› Costumes and Skins are self-explanatory, they would be added to your album once you have them in your bag, same applies to all other equipable items. Trophies - items that drop from critters, this is just an eh idea. equipment - everything from rings to bows to helmets etc. This section would be again divided into every kind of gear. For those who like to collect items this would be an awesome feature in my opinion, and I would be really happy to see it implemented into the game.
  2. What breff said, otherwise what he did is against the rules and support wont help most likely.
  3. he said he wants to use staves and also have atk, warden has none of the two. *shrug*
  4. Its a bit weird to expect all classes in one class but since youre saying staff, I would say play the Mage class.
  5. I agree with this, had the same thought. Would fit in wonderfully into Norlant swamps.
  6. There is a thing with even old accounts, if you delete a char on it or whatever, it wont work as well, so it works only sometimes. Even if you make a mc char the game will wait until the sides are more balanced, so there need to be way more new mcs than 1.
  7. forum is definitely less active, people come only if theres a big announcement, otherwise its pretty quiet. Cant really say anything about the game itself, i just do quests. pve is probably fine and there shouldnt be any problems making gold with the last 2 ayvo expansions. If you have a friend or are tanky enough, you can do daily mini bosses for 3k gold. Combine with other quests and you will make a lot of gold with time.
  8. It would be hard to implement. It would definitely look different to the original drawing.
  9. Its an issue for all users, it seems.
  10. sometimes it happens that the notification is not in english. got a russian one today as well ๐Ÿ˜„
  11. Level up, those ones who are better at your level are probably players who have other characters to get gold from or they focus on that level, or use mcoins. dont compare yourself to others as long as you can do what you like to do. Like quests, just keep at it and eventually you will have a lot of g
  12. (I hope I'm not late for this....) Hello everyone! I'd like to present my costume to you all. Mischievous Raccoon! The costume was created as a depicition of a folklore tale about a raccoon that caused mischief during valentines day. Unlike cupid who would shoot his arrows of love at people that needed just a little push to confess to their beloved one, this raccoon would shoot his arrows at random targets, causing a very chaotic valentines day! Noone ever knew how he got his paws onto the arrows in the first place.... materials used for the costume: For the clothing some silk and leather for the belts. Also of course fur! - but do not worry - its not actual fur taken from a real poor raccoon. It's imitated fur. But its still very comfy and realistic looking, some fine stuff from the Chainless League merchants. He also has a bag of arrows on his back. Also made from leather. I hope you like my costume, thanks for reading if you did! :) character name: Raezer server: EU-Emerald
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