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  1. Kaleidoscope

    Red cat

    a quick google search tells you that orange cats are called red cats irl. or thats what it seems to me atleast
  2. Kaleidoscope

    Best pvp class?

    Lock or charmer, lock is probably better cause ranged and aoe stun
  3. Kaleidoscope


    Dgs, I'm a lazy and not really actively questing player, so stuff that is not on my daily routine is fun, like dgs, or 90/200k bosses. Also stuff is fun to do when you do it with friends. If there weren't my friends, I probably wouldn't be playing anymore.
  4. Kaleidoscope

    [2018.05.08] Celebrating Victory Day!

    Axis lost. And legion today as well
  5. Kaleidoscope

    [2018.04.30] Welcome the Week of bounty!

    Yeah that's what I meant, when is the bday? I thought its this week. x.x
  6. Kaleidoscope

    [2018.04.30] Welcome the Week of bounty!

    Now that the event week has ended, should we expect the update anytime this week?
  7. Kaleidoscope

    Screen Bugs (Greatest problem in WS)

  8. Kaleidoscope


    They probably disabled it for certain countries, for me it seems to be still available.
  9. Kaleidoscope

    Guess Who Will Post Next

    nop jcbreff
  10. Kaleidoscope

    Small details missing in shaman class within game

    Would be warlock no.2
  11. Kaleidoscope

    ( Forum game ) Ask the person below you a question.

    Dunno if it does and if it will. Cod is more mainstream. Cod 2 was great but otherwise I'd rather play any battlefield game than the more recent cod releases.
  12. Kaleidoscope

    Help me pls

    Boss quests are not needed to proceed to the next quest area, you can just skip it and do other quests.
  13. Kaleidoscope

    ( Forum game ) Ask the person below you a question.

    Just needs more activity, that is all. Might happen again if there will be huge stuff going on with the game. Most questions and discussions were sorted out, thus not as active I guess. What do you think is prepared for us in the 10th ws anniversary update? 🤩
  14. Kaleidoscope

    [2018.04.30] Welcome the Week of bounty!

    Well since its gonna be a whole update dedicated to the anniversary, probably yes.
  15. Looks dope, good luck to everyone who will try to get the castles