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  1. I noticed names can be 13 letters now. Will the be a new part of the game or just in the test? Or is it just a way devs add the -SA at the end?
  2. Wait, they actually make sounds? I always that that shit was pure luck lol
  3. The issue is getting people to play. They certainly can make a new warspear but the people who have put alot into the current wont join, especially since player count is down in the current
  4. Server: US Sapphire Name: Pinkeyeman Dear Katrina, mistress of all evil You heart is dark, and cruelty is full You might wonder why I am writing this You live among us, Ignorance is bliss I’ve followed you closely, learning a lot From the way you speak to the way you smile I’ve learned every move and your every thought I’ve never felt so much fear in a while Your beauty is unmatched, even by God And your voice can make an angel’s sound thin But I know deep down that you are a fraud And your song
  5. This Sam Hain guy seems like a dumbass, always getting fooled by a Jester, some owl, and now a severed head
  6. Dont see why not, could benefit AiGring financially. Sell costume pouches that take up 1 bag space and hold 5 costumes. You have to pay mcoins to extend it and/or buy more
  7. A few questions: -Will graphics and fun detailing increase chances of winning? -Is it 1 topic or can we give a thorough evaluation of the game? -What format is good? Microsoft Word? Paint? A photo? -Will a shorter guide with strong info better or the same as a long one with the same info but alot of fluff? -How much will an interesting one with valid info be judged over a boring but very informative one?
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