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  1. So i havent played in a while and im looking to get back into it, and i rly want to make a seeker class because of speed it gets because walking in this game got tedious back in 2014 ;) So im wondering about first island changes... Do we skip many yellow quests? Do we need much less items/kills for yellow quests? Do we get more more exp for yellow quests and make it easier like that? Little bit of info would be great
  2. Well aperently it can, i always tought only last one can because its harderst, i would love if mods came and told me thou
  3. I started a new char and i was thinking about keeping it at low lvl to farm map1 dgs. Now that would be pointless if i cant get Ethereal Essence and/or Ethereal Catalyst. Do map 1 dgs drop Ethereal Essence and/or Ethereal Catalyst?
  4. So i messed up... My brother steam account was on at the time, and i downloaded and played warspear. Later i loged in to my steam acc and i could not play on my account, cus it was tied to my brother steam account. So is there a way to change steam accounts, because i dont know how to login my brothers steam. If thats impossible, then is it possible to have fullscreen without steam version? Do you plan to add it to normal version?
  5. Shamanic potion is needed for lucky tokens, i remember on last event i think we could buy it, and we need it again. I need to stock up on them, to gift them to weak tanks before lab/dg bosses
  6. So i noticed that Warspear is getting a fullscreen mode because of Steam relese, and i got a chance to test it on test server, however i forgot to test few things that bother me, and i hope devs will be able to help me here. This was not the first time i played Warspear fullscreen mode, by using a third party program called Auto window menager i could make game fullscreen (with borders). A while back a made a video about it if you wanna check it out: Anyway, this program did not just extend the game and made it look worse, it actualy solved the problem pretty well. However there was a fatal flaw... Games detection of your position, and position of other players was completly broken, i could be as far as 4 spaces away from Seal and still be "inside" it, i saw rogues jump from across whole arena to hit me, i saw bladedancers use hamstring from across the map. It was so bad i never used it if i was doing Seals arena or going in Dungeons. Now my question that i hope devs will answer is will the Fullscreen mode they plan to add work properly. Will it also break detection of yourself and players, or not? Little side topic here: Why not give us sound files so we can edit them the way we want? Maybe i wish to change horror theme with some dubstep, without having to turn music down to 0 and play what i want on youtube. Giving players option to edit game toward their imagination is always a good idea. This was inspired by seaing a topic while back about people want to edit starting screen, or make hotkeys be on the left or right, small stuff like that that will make the game more personal. Thanks for reading!
  7. Yea, in the old days you were lucky to get past the stairs
  8. Did anybody ever complete this quest? I play for years now and this is the first time i did this and its by accident i noticed i had it when i was having fun in dinalt fort, and i never saw anybody try to do it in Puma fort, nor did i ever saw anybody trying to find party for that quest in chat. I think obvious answer here is that it takes to much work for 10 cc, but i ask anyway...
  9. Is island design same as last snow and horror? Gotta walk for 10 minutes to get to max lvl dg and to end of event every time without respawn statue, are mobs in groups like last snow event so its very had to pass, do mobs at max lvl arena still hit insane dmg, what buffs will max dg gear and wpns have?
  10. It doesnt matter if you are very big or very small company because developing games is what you both do. And if or your company think you should not be put in same sentance as wargaming or obsidian then you rly need some confidance boost. Every company starts small. Wargaming was Aigrind at one point and look where they are at now.
  11. Whining is when somebody cries when something is not how they like it. In my post i presented personal opinion and opinion of many other players just find event islands and ayvondil not fun enough. Its not fun to be destroyed by super strong mobs! Its not fun be have very linear progression in mmorpg! Its not fun to have limited pvp arenas in game where you have enemy factions! Now i guess when you read this you think OH look more whining,i want you to understand its not the case. Me and my friends wont stop playing the game because of this,infact i do spend lot of time on Ayvondil,its just the case of poining out things players that are me,my friends and most of community find NOT FUN. And why do we play games? To have fun! Now you may think i say Ayvondil is not fun,and you miss the point again.I just say it could be lot more fun with little improvements. I saw a comment saying that Ayvondil feels like Single Player campain and its not rly the case but close to it. Now see this: i love single players game,probably most favorite games are single players. But the deal with Ayvondil is part 1 and part 2 feel very single player (except 1 quest satrap and ponti),while part 3 and part 4 focus so much on strong mobs that you can not play single player you need other people with you. Wouldnt be nice to have single/multi player experiance on whole ayvondil.It probably would. Now dont take this as more whining pls because its not the case You can see i posted in discusion not in suggestion part because i would like to be talked over not brushed aside like another guy saying HEY FIX THIS,HEY FIX THAT! We are all friends here,we all play this game,and we all want best for it. I understand not everybody have same ideas,not everybody thinks the same because people are different and thats why focus should be to find just the right balance for as many players as possible.I understand it will be hard,but i say again community is very important when developing a game because they are doing the most playing. Take armored warfare and world of tanks as quick example. So people have many problems in world of tanks cinsidering arty,light tanks,mediums,gold ammo and more. Now armored warfare takes all that world of tanks players dont like and throws it all aways. And still people find things in armored warfare they dont like and then same problem is up again. Im not saying we need all "fixed" the way i want because if we look at it who am i to say you what to do with the game. But different opinions do matter and its something that should be just throwed away.
  12. And they said no new classes were planned
  13. So as far i understand it they said Ayvondil will get changes and that is good but post was made in april 2015 lololol. Maybe they relese full Ayvondil first before fixing it??? But that makes no sense! Why relese "broken" and fix it later??? hmmmmmmmm
  14. Only way i see Ayvondil remake to work is if they add more pvp arenas and side of island like on irsel so we can have war there. Because probably best part of Irselnorth is the pvp stuff so il be happy to see it on Ayvondil. And imagine war in Swamp
  15. Ayvondil remake? Pls link the post here if there is one!
  16. I agree that they have to try new things because same old stuff gets old rly fast. Take final fantasy for example:new game is very different then other game but in good way. But they have to tests islands themselfs and see if they work.I think they have 1 or 2 guys test new island say all good just to get it out and done. If they put more attention into making new maps i think it can be lot better
  17. So i understand forum has new admin Nihtgale so hello to you hope you read this topic Okey let me lay down what i was thinking about: So im doing event on snow island and i spam in chat for people to come event but nobody does and we fail it fast.It makes me think why? Why doesnt nobody come to this event? Its not to hard and gives good buffs and chance for vulcano custume. So i start asking friends why dont you like event? Most of them say because new snow island is bullsh*t. I ask how?What dont you like? They say its badly designed,hard to pass if you are not healer,and just has no character to it. And you know what? I have to agree with them.Snow island is very poorly designed. Its probably because devs had to rush it and get it out like right after horror event. But if you think about it horror event was same bad design only it didnt have groups of mobs murdering you all the time.And same was during spring i think we had horror and snow at same time but im not sure of that. So i turn back to Ayvondil design since is the newest not counting event islands.I study thru Ayvondil map and arenas and i have to say i dont see anything good about it. Im not talking about bullsh*t progression system on part 1 and part 2 where you gotta do daily quests to go dgs to progress,no im not talking about that,but thats a problem too. I want to take you long in past (before i played) when map1 was designed for Firstborn and Mountain Clan.You can see in those maps they are designed with care to give player full experiance of arenas,monsters,quests and more. Then go farther in time when Irselnorth was relesed. Ahhhh Irselnorth still the best place in the game even thou its 5 years old i think. Then go little further to Norlant Swamps. Ahhhh Swamp still the most annoying map in game,yet it still does much better job then all event islands+ayvondil,just because it lets player explore,it lets player figure quests out and its just super unique in design. Then little further to Astreal Labyrinth. Ahhhh Lab still makes people fail even thou people have expert skills and bigger lvl now. Lab is also different design in heavy focus on difficulty,but its not to bad if you have party where people know what they are doing.If you take noob tanks or healers you are doomed to fail. Lab gave lot of exp and good drops. Now i can talk on and on why Irselnorth is good but il just say few things. Rich arenas,good boss drops(for time before ayvondil),best part is Nadir arenas because it gives player that fear element on encountering much stronger player and without res statue they have to be carefull and think where to go,what to do,can i take him on,can i run away.And probably best part of Irselnoth is that you can freely go to enemy faction side and try kill their bosses,troll them and much more. And now we come to the part where i explain why topic is called Old devs vs New devs? So i want to know did map devs change in time between relese of Lab and Ayvondil? They probably did,because that is the only way i can explain why Ayvondil is so different,but different in bad way not good way like Swamp or Lab. Ayvondil prevents free explore by trying to kill players with status effect for crosing to enemy land??? Ayvondil puts stupidly strong mobs that max lvl have problems with let alone lvl 22 who start doing it. Ayvondil splits it arenas in non pvp and pvp and thats stupid. Ayvondil is bad in many ways and no wonder its not very populated like Irselnorth which is 5 years old. New devs seem to take many wrong turns in designing Ayvondil and it keeps getting worse with event islands. We dont want liner islands where there is only 1 way to go,we dont want walking all the way to get to end of event or max lvl dg and when we die gotta walk all way back. Why dont they add more respawn statues?well because if you had one at max lvl dg and end of event then it wont be hard? Is this the way new devs are thinking??? That is not very good. Now only way they can make ayvondil right if they do all good things i listed above for its last part. But judging the size of it its looks to be same bullsh*t as part 3 or 4.And if it happens there is just no hope to bring people on Ayvondil to stay like on Irselnorth and il have to say that Ayvondil was huge waste of time and resurses.Sorry devs its just how it is.You gotta improve to get good results. I dont think anybody made it to end of this topic but if you did You are awesome! I just hope devs read this and try to fix mistakes they made and improve the game. Now that i finish this topic i relize i have to go from start and read it ohhhhh
  18. why didnt you do %players on each server not total? probably because eu emerald is 70%elf
  19. Ok my challenge for you is make siegmeyer warspear style and i decide who wins
  20. I like the sunbros but as it turned out that solaire was villain (sort of) i dont rly like him anymore. Start throwing hate my way!Now!
  21. Hmmmm how would covenants work in warspear? I put my red sign and elf summom me? Haha
  22. Omg imagine Smough armor in Warspear
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