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  1. Hi Peter, I hear there is a test server? Is it available for everyone?
  2. Already more than 4hrs but still on maintenance and no new updates available%) What is the new SLA?
  3. Cool seem promising with fun..awaiting to check new maps n this event..missed last one%)
  4. Wow nice event..never saw just reassemble of elfs together..damn many ppl playing
  5. #Themercs old times 3yrs back miss u guys
  6. Old times big battles..miss it now
  7. Damn yea its been long time since i didnt not play..almost 3years..new players n some old friends gone but cool to meet new players. Sandro farming nice but no drop lol
  8. Hi GMs, how is it possible that a player farms 24/7 on a same location and found that it was a bot command as he does not move from that area or agro monsters. He just wait to get attack and start farming them. Please check!!*z*
  9. Just came a month lvl weapon to +9 lvl 19 n now lvl 21..wtf
  10. Wow still take more time than old times
  11. What this noob debate on which country won war??..go warspear n play!!
  12. Super power of stupid granted Wish i get lot of gold coins
  13. Chance you came as it was really really long Could we know how much more time it will take?
  14. Yea forum work but when on game try contact it says website offline
  15. Wtf.. I wish ws fix up so i can kill mcs
  16. I prefer version where devs didnt pay electric bill and power supply backup down too
  17. Lol..some excited ones for server down..anyone got devs mobile number?
  18. Even im an elf side..i agree with him
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