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  1. i own few of these weps which i amped +10, Axe, sword, mace, spear, 2h sword and a +9 xbow. Had a shield which i let a friend borrow and he quit the game.
  2. Nope Boneheads got renamed to Deathrose and then i renamed it to Memoria recently. + it was PerfectElf-Magnacarta-Aokigahara-Magnacarta-Phalanx if i remember right, not sure if Hyen had some other name back then in the beginning
  3. It does, https://wsdb.xyz/calc/
  4. I found another link/site, i think they mightve changed domain name or that its a copy of the other site. https://wsdb.xyz/calc/
  5. EDITED: sorry, i did find another link or site. But it could also been that they changed their domain name. https://wsdb.xyz/calc/ I hope i was to help.
  6. 2x normal basic books doesn`t work. Thats known already.
  7. Asking since having relics of the same works and i rather ask then try and use another book hhahaha they do cost 1mil+.
  8. Hi! Would it be possible to use more then 1x of enhanced passive skill books like penetration, cooldown, resist, defence, accuracy, critical damage and more of them on one character?? I have 6x on my bd(All different once) + resilence and ferocity.
  9. Now do the same with everything else, repair, tele, pots, scrolls, signs, life scrolls. Items i usually have in bag. Havnt had tickets for months and [email protected] @Reivenorik
  10. Hi! I want this dude named Themiraak (lvl 9 ranger in EU-Emerald) looked into since he posted a swastika in the world chat. And i feel offended by it. I will keep tabs if he post more and how you will procceed with it. Thanks in advance.
  11. @Reivenorik Is this the last week of the whole spring event?
  12. Btw how do i tag your name, i tried so many things. But cant seem to get that K right.
  13. But isnt that necessary if they keep giving us a new event every month with new costume, new skins, new gear and all. Like there is probably about 30 other costumes i liked to add to my bag, but cant becuse i have no slots left. And no, its not mcoin costume, its rare ones as demo, troll, mr grinch etc.
  14. Please dont undermine this topic then. I ask nicely. Becuse alot of my friends and i are having this problem on a daily basis. And i really trying to get this noticed by developers, support team and admins. Thank you.
  15. Yea strategic focus, i focus on my gear. i have full set arena lvl 27+ swords, that is 9 pcs of gear becuse i have both crit and dodge armor and shoes. Craft belt for arena set. 10 pcs. craft gloves for arena set, 11 pcs. 2x lvl 25 axes arena, 13 pcs. Then we get to accecories for my arena set 2x rings and arena cloak + contender amulet, 17pcs. Pve set also. 2x lvl 28 resist with def bonus gear, 2x lvl 26 nadir def bonus gear, i mix em for max def 10904, 11749 when my relic on or with war buffs/buffs. Thats 21 pcs. Snow belt 28 with accu and crit 2x different enchants, snow belt with crit and cd. 23 pcs. craft armor and gloves for hp and crit set when its easy tanking. 25pcs. Full set of resist set with resist and resilence enchants for pvp vs casters. 29 pcs. Lvl 28 cd lightweight helm for my full cd set. 30 pcs. Full hween lvl 28 accecories All charmed vamp for pve, 34 pcs. Craft cloak if i need extra mana regen. 35 pcs. My pve weps where i will keep my lvl 26 craft weps + have the 28 craft weps for my personal reason. 39 pcs. All my gear and weapons are +10 and charmed. I paid alot for that bd, only 4 experts, resilence, ferocity and 6x special passive books which i paid 1mil-2,5mil each. So yea, i might not just DELETE anything of that. I use it all and since aigrind adds more gear, ofc i will put that to use. And i dont get it, why are you so against more bag slots?!?!?
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