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  1. @Reivenorik 3 Days? what about castle? they going to have the buffs then too lol? Would say that unfair since you changed it long time ago becuse of that reason
  2. Bring back 5x5!!!!
  3. Lazylion

    [Extra pocket]

    they seem to not care, been mentioned several times before.
  4. Lazylion


    I guess you are using an Android device, severall people got banned for no reason yet again. You can still log your acc using another device like Iphone or pc. Not sure about windows phones. It will be back to normal after support looked into it like last time. Thats all i know, i might be wrong about what the fault is.
  5. Lazylion


    After 6 years of playing ws you get bored. So this happens or is it just me?!?
  6. i`m using Pene, Crit % dmg, cd, accu and resil as passives at the moment on my bd. My expert skills is 4x, rush, shield, sonic boom and Power of blades. I don`t want em all, but it would help to get atleast 3-4x more expert slots from this update insteed of the 2x. To get the def, resist and hp and hp reg books would be awesome. But i can only add 2 more….
  7. No, its you who need to open your eyes and read my post, i mentioned the 2 slots that will be added. Wont help me or vavavi who got 3-4x passive books+resil book alrdy. I need a total of 14 slots for me to be happy and use the experts and passive i want on my char or should i start delete the expert skills like rush, shield, sonic and power of blades to get slots for these new passive books?!? We could be able to add all experts and passives if we wanted, and still chose what build you exactly wants since you can still only have 10 slots in hotkey bar.
  8. Lazylion

    Bagspace is way to small!

    Alrdy written in aboves posts, just need em to see this
  9. @Omercix @Higgings @lallouss should be able to stack, since detect invisible pot from castle can be stacked with any pot ingame(mcoin pot, quest pot and chest pots).
  10. Lazylion

    Bagspace is way to small!