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  1. Hi connection to the server is still not fixed,It's happening when I go to my home screen ie to check a message then back into the game then says connection to the server was lost
  2. Roland how does the arena points actually work? I just did the new seals arena i got most damage 26k 11 kills and died 3 times i got 52ap. Why did a priest get 210 arena points with 1 kill and 10k damage?
  3. Iheall

    Eu server

    Hi is the server down? Just getting connecting and nothing else internet is fine
  4. I agree with physik. But i also think to help the situation remove the party option and just let it all be random. That way you will need skill because you will be with people lower amp than you and so on everyone gets a chance at winning
  5. Hi i cant even access the earn free miricle coins just loads then closes straight off tried reinstalling warspear but no joy im on ios.
  6. Thanks for the update could be the best to date. Personally as everyone else as mentioned 10 days is a bit short. Me and the wife own a guild and where going on a cruise in a few weeks for 21 days. Now problem is we may not get signal to log into the game. Yes we have active heirs and known them for a few months in game. But can we actually trust them to give a guild back? So if we cant log on they get the guild they kick us we lost guild and rl money we put into it other than that great job.
  7. Buying sudden doom staff or night prince staff elf side eu emerald pm mehdic
  8. Hi can anybody help with the lost weapon quest (begginers map) im struggling to kill the 4 wolfs quick enough even with minions im from the uk and a necro thanks ingame name is iheall
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