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  1. The way you put life in our NPC is fantastic. Some are lore-based and pretty hilarious. Ah my dear friend.. You never mentioned your dead heart still beats, and with a highborn at that. *chuckles* Well, best of luck Judge Magister. May your song of apology finds the ear of your maiden. *bows*
  2. Was expecting a detailed combat in the sand with "Ad mortem inimicus!" in the end. But hell, that moral. *chuckles* Best of luck brave Gladiator. May the Vitans perish before your path.
  3. Deepest gratitude everyone. I can no longer stay in Tavern for long hours, I apologize. Originally, I plan to post this with a bit of illustrations. But since I already removed and simplified big chunks of scenes from the story, I didn't bother making more and stopped cutting and revising before it won't make any sense. I probably won't win anyway so I just posted it half-baked. I did finish some sketches for those who are curious to see. *attached photos in post* Best of luck with your entries too!
  4. "Purge and protect!" Paladins are no stranger to these words, purge the damned and protect the people. But for someone abandoned, these words triggers hatred. "Burn and forsake!" as the light of Harad denied the prayers of his champion. His brother was murdered, a scholar going to Citadel where the caravan was melted by what appears to be a rain of acid. A survivor, Algor, a paladin who sworn to protect them abandoned the caravan. Upon hearing the terrible news, he blamed the coward Algor for his brother's death and blindly killed him. "The Order wil
  5. I'm so glad you renamed it Great Ones. Really glad. Now people won't think she's a rip-off.. I guess. Still, I'm very thankful. Though many players will be pissed with that recovery skill. *smirks* Even we, my family, cannot defeat her so we drop the thought of acquiring her costume. *chuckles* Thanks for the update.
  6. *Gasps* Skipped some heartbeats.. literally. The backstory.. I like it better. Shame that it was renamed to the very name I evaded. Now it shares the same name as that champion from some other realm. *chuckles* Damnation, she grew so fast. *sniffs* Well, Looking forward Great Ones. *rubs palms* Much gratitude.
  7. Or me. Probably Higgs.. .. with pizza and some Forsaken wine. *vanishes*
  8. Probably somewhere in desert with Tuco. *grins* Great Ones?
  9. My kind of trees. I love it. *claps* Exciting as always, Great Ones. *waters wilted sunflower* P.S. The preview image is amazing.
  10. I am honored! *bows* I haven't snatched the promising 1st prize, but the 2nd prize is more than enough. *smiles* My deepest gratitude, Great Ones! I guess I'll stick to [bone Lord] *wears skull mask* Congratulations brave and creative winners! *salutes* Ehe.. the 1st placer is deserving too, brother. I'm pretty excited to see the implementation, actually. *claps* Still, Thank you. My thanks, great Gladiator. *salutes* Yeah, I had a strong feeling I will not bag the 1st prize since the very beginning. This was expected. *grins*
  11. I saw your post. http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php/topic/57826-blind-master/ Maybe you mean the image, I post the link in the comments to show your entry. *thumbs up*
  12. Oh-ho.. I see. *smirks* Worry not brother, I have the same curse. *smiles*
  13. So, that's the banner of the mysterious crafters.. Interesting. *crosses arms*
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