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  1. Feel sorry to hear that but it`s taking like forever to get a reply from them, and I know you get ALOT of requests but you know...I`m not the kind of guy who is gifted with patience
  2. Can I speak with any member of the support team please? It`s pretty urgent and I can`t wait untill tommorow.
  3. Mi-am pierdut contul.. Unde si cu cine as putea sa reincep?
  4. ce caracter? Si ce nume ai?
  5. nomercyx stolled my mrbarbar and toloqueni
  6. Sceadu, Thanks for ur answer. +1 to you :P
  7. I give karma to the peoples who help me take a decision :D
  8. Im asking for fights(arena, pvp) Shaman quake-stun duration seems to be low while druid has roots and bees. But shaman has the expert skill.. So, whats the best :P
  9. Is Priest vs. Necro right? I think priest...
  10. LE DAU LA SCHIMB=> *LVL 17 ROGUE 25 bag slots-309 atack ( +1 and +2 items-mixed berengar revenge set) *LVL 17 BARBARIAN 20 bag slots- 321 atack ( +3 and +5 items-full berengar endurance set 3k def) *LVL 14 RANGER NORMAL ITEMS *LVL 5 DRUID NOVICE SET *LVL 5 SHAMAN NOVICE SET 25 bag slots(alot of life/repair/teleportatin scrools) *LVL 5 DK NOVICE SET *LVL 6 NECROMANCER NOVICE SET SCHIMB PENTRU LVL 15+ SHAMAN/DRUID!
  11. Cat vrei pe ele?Altceva mai ai?
  12. Ciprian

    sell chars

    edit: if you keep this topic locked, that means anyone can read it, and send him a message about wanting to buy his account locking a thread is for threads that are important but have said all there needs to be said, not for threads that need to be removed -Jswaaz
  13. Ciprian

    Happy Easter!

    Happy easter guys. Jesus has been respawned :D:D
  14. yep, but you will loose the def buff and bees dmg is
  15. Light aura=3* Gabraunth, thanks for answering. +1 :D
  16. Ciprian

    Trade Karma

    yes. . . Im so ducking bored...
  17. Ciprian

    Trade Karma

    i give you back just as much karma as you give me. Message me/post here if you agree :D
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