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  1. Yeah, i can't restore my characters as well. Some friends of mine confirmed that they have the same issue.
  2. I agree. This must be considered to be reworked in some way. Players leave the guilds for another, where its easier to win the GvG event, making it even harder for the previous guild to win, making the guild to lose even more members, because everyone wants a piece of the Mermen Dungeon, and so on, while to keep members motivated is hard since you meet the same guild over and over and you keep losing against one. And how to win against it if you lose guild members, including strong ones.
  3. I am more used to video types of guides but i guess that the text form works for me as well. I will try
  4. Yes, of course. This was before the mobile device was updated: And that's how it is after the device's system update: I hope these screenshots will be helpful to look into the differences and, maybe, to find a way to fix the changes. Thanks!
  5. I have got the similar issue. After the phone system update, from a zoomed-out in-game graphics, it became a bit more zoomed in, texts have changed too. Now the game is like on the older mobile phones which use Android 4.0 operating system and above. The device is Samsung Galaxy J8, the system it has now is 9.0. Before it was 8.0.
  6. Till this day i see players with ranged class characters hunting those bosses. Maybe you simply missed something from what you were doing or from now on you simply need a new technique but it's still possible to do it.
  7. When an enemy uses a controlling skill on you (stun/roots and etc.) and while you are on the effect, the part of the total damage (30%) you receive, you will reheal. For example, a player with a barbarian class character rushes and stuns you, following by the damage while you are stunned and that damage techniqually will become lower by 30% because you will reheal that part of the damage. Not sure if i made it any way more clear but i hope so
  8. I'm afraid you will have to wait a bit more for those. Maybe they will be released in autumn, we will see.
  9. Here comes the money. Thank you guys, really appreciated.
  10. The gold mine is coming. *evil laugh* Everyone waiting for the test server should be a bit more patient. Either way, the event will come sooner or later. Moreover, after the test server release, the real event might be slightly different after fixing some stuff (as always). Lifesteal is the most demanded bonus in a game in my opinion. Such book could change a game.
  11. I have a friend who uses healing classes and easily gets agro because of the amount of heal he generates. Tanks with 3/5 taunt or sometimes higher still kept losing agro from them. I meant only boss fights in dungeons and when you have 2 tanks in a pt while you aren't the tanking one. Plus i wouldn't rely on that either. It's basically good to have for that extra bit higher damage output in the dungeons.
  12. To my mind, a PvE Death knight or any tank in a game should have maxed taunt skill aka (as known as) 5/5 + menance relic. This ensures your agro being safe from others in your party or whatever you go somewhete with, especially if you do stuff with very powerful damagers or powerful healers. If your have a low damage yourself as a tank, you should definitely go for maxed taunt skill. Nowadays exhalation is not useful to have lvled up in PvE. Bosses resist the damage most of the time, extra damage by lvling a skill increases slightly. The skill being lvled up is good only in PvP cases in my opinion. Since i love to experiment and do different kind of equipment setups, i wouldn't even use a 2h weapon on a death knight with magic dmg bonus. I'd use 2h axe/mace/hammer, depending on bonuses i prefer.
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