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  1. daria are there some specific run to do activate evnent if so can u add some quest that tel how much run left to activate evnt it is bit difficult to activate event
  2. 30 run why not active dg event !!!! can u explain it in more detail
  3. game is not working corectly taking much time to load and start and mostly start aftr conection time out
  4. they say update latest version lolllllllllllllllllllllllll do something
  5. a player killed 50-60 times boss and a player killed only 2 times drop r u serious?
  6. game no look efforts or hard work only drops on luck r u kidding me?
  7. I downloaded it again but still.i can not play from.my rog restoring connection + stucking
  8. How many relic can used in 1 skil?if we use,othr relic 1st one wil disapear? Or back.to bag?
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