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  1. Nosotraes

    I want to buy/sell/exchange items

    What are the prices of Techno blades/axes on US Sentinel side? Has any new red tier gear been added, and if yes, what are those prices?
  2. Better late than never I guess. Hope you all have fun with it.
  3. When is level 30 releasing? You know, it's been 5 years or so since the announcement, so...
  4. Nosotraes

    the memes / funnies

    Stun cycles are more something Warlocks do tbh.
  5. Nosotraes

    post what you're listening to right now

    Time to get the nostalgia rolling. Preferably listen with headphones.
  6. Nosotraes

    Guess Who Will Post Next

    Difference is that I don't care anymore too. I deserved those warnings. If he did, he'd be too late to respond;) Daria
  7. Nosotraes


    Literally quit the game for months on end and play something else.
  8. Nosotraes

    Guess Who Will Post Next

    Well well, look who we got there. Anyone.
  9. When exactly is level 30 dropping? Also, try to fix the grinding issues, I don't want to play the same quests for weeks over.
  10. Nosotraes

    my opinion. the game is not going to die

    Let me elaborate a little on my statement: -Ferocity basically undid what the devs did in 2013 (or 2014, can't remember). What did they do? They removed all four magic types in favor of a new system that made it easier for players to understand, while players didn't need multiple gear sets anymore. -With Ferocity, the devs re-added that again, with some other adjustments. Result: arena weapons have become useless; they used to be a viable alternative to dungeon weapons and the primary weapon choice of f2p players. -There exists a downward spiral that low amplified players face: You are low amped --> you won't get invited to anything because "noob low amp". This results in not being able to get good dungeon drops, that you can't sell in order to get money to amp your gear. Repeat from step 1. -Grinding is an enormous issue, especially in Ayvondil. The low amped f2p player can't grind as fast as the high amped one, because the low amped player won't get invited to quests that give 50 reputation. See previous statement. -Lack of actual content updates is an issue. I understand it's probably a small team working on the game, but the past events (halloween/christmas/spring) were almost identical to the ones from 2016, 2015 amd 2014. -The incredible amount of p2w elements in the game are a turn off for a lot of people. Ever wonder where the bad Steam reviews come from? /rant I could add more but atm can't think of a lot more.
  11. Nosotraes

    my opinion. the game is not going to die

    You know what? I totally agree with you. It's because the game already died a few years back.
  12. Nosotraes

    Guess Who Will Post Next

    Hell ducking no, miss me with that gay shit. Darkordese or something, idk.
  13. Nosotraes

    Playing foreign games online

    Assuming that the servers are even online, I guess you could.
  14. Nosotraes

    How to kill jerboa?

    You gotta assemble a private army of level 28 +10 super meta pros. Else you're sure going to die. I tried to solo it few times, but never even came close to succeeding.
  15. Nosotraes

    Cyberworld deleted BlitzKrieg ]:> (US-Sapphire)

    I think more than one other player. This shows that he doesn't care about them.