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  1. The entire system is based on RNG. Some days are blessed by it, others are not.
  2. I'm still around. Once you unlock t4 Ayvondil you're set.
  3. Nosotraes


    Get a group mate. Easiest solution available for now honestly.
  4. It better not, but I'm afraid so. However, there are plenty of areas that don't require oxygen. The real thing I hope gets added is the ability to improve your oxygen recharge rate.
  5. High resolution displays as well as photoshop work wonders if you try to get HQ stuff. Paint.net works great too.
  6. Yo hold up here, only the party that deals the most damage will get drops? Am I reading this right? This is complete bullshit and will likely the playerbase by making drops exclusive to +10 parties.
  7. Time to start saving up on cash then. Time to start saving up on cash then.
  8. Yeah, sorry. It's just the fact that they announced this thing about 2 years ago already.
  9. It's interesting to see people's music preference change over the years.
  10. Looks good, how long has it been? 1 year since the last dev update and 7 years since the announcement?
  11. Fact #171: a lot, if not all names used by NPC's in chapter 4 of Ayvondil's story are Greek or reference Greek names or deities. Think of NPC's such as Peleus or bosses such as Tetrarch, the Hoplites or the Nomarchs.
  12. Nosotraes

    Steam hours

    I already have way too much on my phone, and Warspear controls terribly on pc, so I never really played it on Steam.
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