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  1. A combination of your extremely toxic attitude towards other players and the game in general could end up with the mods being so fed up with it that they may or may not mute you.
  2. Rayotenper, I believe you are starting to tread on very thin ice.
  3. Well, nobody is stopping you from doing exactly that, correct?
  4. Your attitude towards this game is a prime example of why the community is bad.
  5. >Social problems >and that makes me wanna point them with a gun Gee mister, I sure wonder why. On a serious note, most players don't give a flying duck about what is happening. They need buffs for their precious dungeon grinding.
  6. Wow didn't even know these were a thing in the first place lmao. Congrats everyone! On a side note can I get an official salty vet title?
  7. Oh wow I posted here too
  8. Depends on the screen/monitor type I'm using. Regular LCD --> Winter. OLED --> Halloween because winter burns my eyes out in the middle of the day.
  9. Hahahaha this guy is lost. I ask again: why do you play when you are clearly not having fun, I'd love to know why.
  10. Are you feeling alright, man? Trust me, attempting to min-max a game will only end in rage rage rage rage. It takes away the primary focus of any game. You know, having fun.
  11. Right so this topic is 5 years old now. Besides the necroing, I'm sure OP can purchase his own stuff now.
  12. Nosotraes

    Thank you

    Well, why are you still playing then? Do what I did, I never really looked back. I'm only online when the devs are handing out free stuff.
  13. PvE has always been better and less stressful than PvP. It feels like the game was made with PvE in mind, with PvP being an optional thing that was added way later.
  14. He probably quit, like a sensible person. Why, if so, did you quit the game?
  15. Immature idiot. What music have you been listening to lately?
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