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  1. so its end of horror ? GZ for or lucky ppl who get drop
  2. only luck.....trust me no one hate u.....just luck.....i try n try n finally drop deff sphere II
  3. Update day....this is end of horror or the snow just startin?
  4. Lol .. i think developer make a good decision to update this very fast ....event im shock....with this update no one concentrate in dg (specially TS) .....n one think.....for all player....specially for me....game its only game if u like it play it....if u hate it leave it.....just be good player its enough for me.....come in peace Raguku (my android keyboard chat no work please fixed)
  5. Dg only copper n sphere but im happy
  6. raguku


    Im very sad n sorry to hear that.... i hope ur money back
  7. Why Elves out numbered ??? becouse its simple play in FB first map quest....that just my opinion
  8. So im the worst BD @SAphire :-D
  9. Remember .... the best leader is not only the stronger or the best gear or the best pvp....The best leader its who can united the people....many people/ppl is stronger n best gear also big mouth its not a leader
  10. Yeah KJ is good leader but people of elf hard to united
  11. Tower is bad place for start war....u know what? thats place is netral n many elf n mc do quest tower
  12. I will choose war leader of elf....if they can make united the player of elfs Riff is better spot than nadir to begin attack....but the route is more hard......best comander is who can do attack with both place....Kj is best from riff n zeus from nadir....if they can work together n unite the soldier of elfs.....i think we can win....n remember the mean of war is to take out the teritory....in ws war is suicide..... Sorry for bad english....Raguku SangHiang only lone ranger
  13. Cant login .... why ??? Maybe this end of warspears
  14. This game not like Mmorpg anymore......Its like who rich is win......No more teamwork, strategy, I miss when old time when we use strategy to win war.... But now ? u know it berengar tower.... many player not invited lower level.....to get ayvondil we must done heroic....but its good challenge..... Is important for player drop of item boss is 1%
  15. Plis change that skill effect to mobs...
  16. Dear Aigrind About New skill Ellusive threat The changes is more radical I think is better if the skill can resist all boss or mini boss But why the changes of that skill can resist to all mobs n boss Can u imagine the skill we buy for 40k only can use for pvp n arena.....but useless to do a quest...... All people maybe not like to be pvp but enjoy to do daily like me.....but when all we do is useles n we buy for something useless ...i think its not fair....... Sorry for my bad english...Resist to all mobs maybe a joke
  17. :unknw: im confuse with new skill Elusive Threat (priest) why its cant effect to all mobs.....i try used that skill to all mobs in norlant swamp.....and result is resist to all mobs like frogl wypern n etc.... so if that not work to all mobs what that skill for....please xheck it out....
  18. :unknw: elves gooiiiingg weak again .... yooo
  19. :unknw: swamping its fun.....but the prizez is disapointed on me....1month i swamping the reward is only norlant rune/crystall....
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