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  1. Might be wrong, China and Rusia have good relationship probably that's why China have cheaper MCoins price. Or perharps it's just marketing strategy.
  2. It will be hard to find in game moderators with high sense of justice, Who don't hesitate to mute their own friends/guildmates if they make mistakes, Who willing work for free, Have mature attitudes, And dedicated for the community.
  3. I have made similar topic long time ago but it was ignored by r0land and he closed that topic immediately.
  4. In game GM/mod/staff might be good solution, but with many servers it might be difficult for aigrind too find some human resource. Without authority in game, the game become chaos and uncontrolable especially in world chat.
  5. Is it necessary to spread the fire again? And don't bring any religion or politic debate especially on forum for game, that's show how immature you are. Bring your debate out here, maybe Anti-(Insert religion/ideology you hate) forum is more suitable for you than Warspear Forum.
  6. All classes got buffed and nerfed over time, we never know devs' plans in the future. Maybe far in the future priests could handle warlocks easily and stuns them all day, or ranger will have huge AoE trap and they could toying with DK, Barb, and charmer at the same time, or perhaps warlock could even stun more people with even longer duration You might predict the future, but you never know dev's way of thinking and plans just hope your class that you loved and raised recieved some blessing from devs
  7. It will end, same with this long near endless topic hehe
  8. Just an opinion, if you guys said this game was not made for 1v1, then isn't it allright if warlock's stun will be nerfed a bit? Let's say in future warlock can't perma stun anymore then his team could back him up, and it will be as you said this is teamplay game. I'm just swapping the logic here hehe, no offense
  9. Village and Heroes -Platform: PC and mobile -Gameplay: standart MMO, but more focusing in crafting, building guild, and building village to become city -Graphics: might not appealing for some people -Community: by far is the best community game I've played so far, they help and guide newbies, help each other, and many more. You ask something in world chat and they will give the thing you want instantly, you need something in world chat and many people will help you. By far I playing this game, there is only 1 toxic people and moderator already mute him. I think this is their selling point. -Item Shop: you don't neccesarily have to buy things in item mall, moslty in item mall are exp booster, mounts, and cosmetics. You can still live by playing F2P. -Developers: each update the game will be better for the community, they give you a lot I mean really a lot good items from item mall freely during event and update. In next update they will give free mounts (item mall item) for all and don't need use travel stone (item mall item) anymore to teleport just need spent few gold to tele. -Moderators: they active in forum and in game to patroling chat, so no toxic world chat. -Quest: it's typical kill 10 boars, collect 10 horns. But the fun side doing quest here is the pun and funny dialogues from the NPC, sometimes they break 4th wall. And the NPCs and monsters name are ridiculous and trolling. Cons: -You can't make a good character in character creation. Your character will be simple, no flashy hair, no flashy hair dye, simple like normal villagers. -Bad graphics -Map is too big, so you will feel lonely when hunting. Sometimes city will be empty, because most people doing their activity in their own house and village. -No PvP, devs said PvP will make community become toxic. But they have plan for mini PvP.
  10. or maybe improved a bit sacred shield and give more HP to paladin
  11. Mage is the strongest DMG type magic based class that use staff at dungeon.
  12. I believe any GMs or devs can't do anything, probably they will say "be careful next time". Here some link with same issues: https://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?/topic/57118-market-pop-upunwanted-buy/&tab=comments#comment-1008283 https://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?/topic/42531-trick-pop-ups/&tab=comments#comment-788860 https://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?/topic/42539-pop-ups/&tab=comments#comment-788959 https://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?/topic/33826-pop-ups-at-first-place/&tab=comments#comment-692356 https://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?/topic/32011-pop-up-mshop-items-in-arena/&tab=comments#comment-672424 It will be good if there are option to enable/disable pop up, or at least only offer pop up during discount or something
  13. For you it might be garbage, but for someone else it might be treasure But he don't mind about losing item, he just sad losing someone called friend
  14. WS even don't have law about stealing or any trade scamming, most WS law are about foul language, bot, sharing/selling account, GM imposter, etc. But I think Devs and team have high sense of justice, they can solve some cases that even not mentioned in WS rules.
  15. Each classes have their own "not so useful" skills
  16. So if someone break into my house and stealing my things, this robber can't be put in jail because I didn't have a video that clearly saying "No One Takes Item from My House !" ? and this robber think my items are free to take and think I allowed him to take it because I didn't have "this" video 404
  17. Somehow necromancer in warspear more like poisonous or venomous magician.
  18. True, it almost there are no undead element in necro's skills.
  19. Every classes have their positive and negative, pick a class that suit your gameplay
  20. paying via SMS isn't recommended, you won't recieve any discount from SMS payment
  21. try to remember what are you installing or doing something to your laptop recently
  22. Rogue is the most chosen class by players, I believe rogue will be buffed soon
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