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  1. 524 phys dmg bug too, physc dmg more up @Holmes when fix craft?
  2. Bad 2 sec Barbarian where belt with block arena? BD skill no nerf defence? no nerf parry?
  3. Svs is dead no one enter play nothing and only waiting.... need new add update 1vs1 tournament i can't wait vla 1vs1 any
  4. Both 1 belt critcal and 1 belt block like both boots why one belt?
  5. New 31 lvl arena need add this belt with block, blade dance have much parry helm and boots parry and skill parry, barbarian without skill parry and have skill block/items low stats block
  6. Berserk guild members about 30 players all no got 4 medal how? i will spam t2 event achi soon
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