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  1. Such a NICE score! As expected from Thunder God himself. Heh. Aye, I used the Wallpaper, Raid Boss and Outfit photos as references to get as much details that I can. Then I rack my 1 braincell to come up with some sort of sequence for me to wear everything up without assistance. Thankfully, Vera Family is there to help! *sniffs* Faulty adhesive, wrong way to paint, dull cutter and a bunch of mistakes later.. we made a decent suit! Somehow. But the real struggle is trying to hide my hair in that hood. Hah! I gained yet another level of respect from Cosplayers. Especially the ones who craft their own costumes.
  2. Thank you, everyone! I could've provided more and better photos if I wasn't too uncomfortable with people watching. Ehe, we'll never know. The Jury often have different taste. BTW, "Naked Entry" where? Was waiting for your Sturdy Guy or Minotaur Submission. Heh. Ah, it's colored. It's just my old Kitchen Clogs painted with the same paint I used for the "Canister".
  3. Well.. It's always been RNG for me. For Raid Bosses or Bosses in general, I'd like to think that every time they spawn, random loots or no loots at all are already allocated to them and that loots will be rewarded to Player/s randomly the moment Hitpoints drop to 0. The case of a Player getting multi-loots while others are getting nothing is because the system probably got the same Player result in the Party List when randomly distributing the rewards. So if you slain the Boss solo, the rewards allocated to that Boss are all yours.. I think. Heh. For Dungeons, I'd like to think that Dungeon Rewards are already selected in the Chest the moment I/ we enter the Dungeon and these Rewards are rolled Player-exclusive. As for chances, I think every loot has a percentage of being randomly picked for distribution. Think of a Pie Chart Roulette, and for example it has 30% for Resources, 25% for Ingots, 25% for Potions and Scrolls, 15% for Spheres, 4% for Gears, 1% for Book. And this is spun for each rewards every time a Dungeon is entered/ Dungeon Requirements are cleared. In short, even if a Party cleared the same Dungeon, full or not, the Rewards in Chest are rolled exclusively for each Character. This is just my speculation, please take it with a grain of salt.
  4. Oh, don't mind me. The topic is interesting and I like to read theories. Carry on.
  5. Okay, I think I'm ready to join in Russian servers.
  6. Ohh. Bringing up old names, I see. Hmm, not sure. Most likely, Higgings.
  7. Well waddya know.. It actually won. My edgy choir is coming into the game. Thank you! Congratulations and good work everyone! *rushes to Russian's result*
  8. Thank you! Good luck with your entries, too. Exactly. Gotta take notes from a masterpiece. Heh. Wanna come sit by the Bonfire as we wait for the result? Also, where's your entry? Are you gonna skip this one?
  9. Yet another floating costume. I couldn't design good legs, so.. Heh. Costume Details: It didn't look like my initial concept, but I like how it turned out. The costume consists of ceremonial helmet and pauldrons, breastplate akin to ribs, gauntlets and a purple robe. No legs because I'm really a fan of animated panoplies.. or maybe I'm just lazy. Description of the Costume: The ceremonial thingies are made of brass. I tried, but it kinda looked like gold in the end. But it's brass, trust me. Same goes with the breastplate down to gauntlets, then the robe is made out of velvet. Wait, was it's silk, or satin maybe? Anyway, how this thing can move around is.. I dunno, Power of Friendship, I guess. Possibility of Implementation in the Game: It isn't Spring themed, so I doubt I'll win. I wrote a bit of lore below the topic though, but who reads lore anyway. Ehe. Originality of the Work: If ever this costume I designed is exactly like anything that's already existing, I apologize. But I believe every art is inspired by something. Also, it's most likely just a coincidence because I started from scratch. Especially that damn legs.. really made me scratch. My inspirations for this are Death from Symphony of the Night, Gwyndolin from Dark Souls, Isidora from Blasphemous, Faceless, Bone Lord and my dear Nocturna from Warspear. "Once worn by the Battle Choir from one of the many Orders that serve Harad, their chorus reverberated in battlefields and was rumored to rival Firstborn's lullabies. When they succumbed to Garahan's curse, warriors who lost their faith from the agony never made their way back to the Sun God's side. Their souls and voices haunted the things that once held meaning to them, animating the armors that used to symbolize their Order. Adventurers said that nothing is amusing with encountering these tragic beings, as one can hear depressing melodies stating torment and anguish in their verses."
  10. (Model: Ami-Tail) (Model: Del-Annun) (Model: Yawweh-Lynn)
  11. Aye, this really takes me back. And it got a proper section now, too! Still cringing at my old posts though. Heh.
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