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    I mean, i like the new permanent leadership rule. Wont have to worry of random transfers. If indeed the leader gets banned, the only way to recover it should be with the CREATOR of the guild asking for it and noone else. But again, permanent is cool. Since anyone of the heirs can say its their guild and they paid for it and want to recover it. Which gives the possibility for anyone to scam a guild from anyone if they are heirs inside that guild. Permanent should stay, sadly if you break the rules you get punished and your wrong doings punish others at the sa
  2. What did i do wrong when attacking as everyone else xd Pretty sure back when gvg was bugged and noone completed the actual gvg. I attacked every boss for 1h but didnt get when others did.
  3. Did not get achievement ``Special Ritual`` in Spring gvg after killing all 4 bosses and touching them, we made sure of that. So we even killed extra of both the upper bosses and still did not get it. Im 110% sure i hit all 4 bosses and did dmg becuse i hit every boss abt 10 hits. So please check it out. Becuse im not happy about it.
  4. Only reason that been happening is becuse we played the game for 10 years. Everyone played both sides.
  5. @[email protected]@Nolan Is the points for Alliance Tornament still the same for completing a quest 15 points, boss/rides 10 points and dungeon 30 points?? Would mean you actually have to do one of 3. 134 dgs, 267 quests or 400 rides/killing bosses per week.
  6. no but you never specified which buffs was removed, just mention em as similar. So thought it would be best to ask before it might happen when server live. Since those i mentioned are temporary also.
  7. @Peony this doesnt mean xp, gp, upot or pot/scroll buffs that we use right? since thats temporary effects also if u ask me
  8. boring copy of last years event, do better thanks BIG THUMBS DOWN
  9. @Holmes So 5x5 got same normal amount of imperials reward 476/daily? while 2x2, 3x3 random, seals got 50%+ imperials?
  10. Looks like me its been going for awhile on the amount of mobs already spawned. Most likely killed the bonfire.
  11. I read that day before i did this post, i just want to know if there is a limit in mailbox or if i can reach 1000 mails with attachment without a problem
  12. Hi, I wonder if there is a time limit or limit for how many mails you can have in your ingame Mailbox or if they can get deleted if not taken and put in your characters bag after some time. Me, aswell as others are collecting event chests from halloween and now also christmas events. So would be nice to know about these things so i won`t lose all the hard earned chests i collected (nearly at 130 mails now). Thanks in advance for responding and Merry Xmas ☃️ Thx for moving the topic to right place, but i was looking for a answer from a admin/developer or support since im 3 day in to
  13. PVE/PVP(hybrid build if u ask me): 5/5 ``Sap``, 5/5 ``Parry``, 3/5 ``Hamstring`` for basic skills, Expert skill 4/4 ``Rush`` for stun but mostly agro, 4/4 ``PoB`` (PoB outdmg ``Flashstrike`` any day) and 4/4 ``Hurricane`` for both 15% speed and cooldown stat. You can always change few skill points if you dont like the build, like put ``Parry`` from 5/5 to 3/5 for 2 points to ``Hamstring`` and make it 5/5(Longer stun/more dmg). If you are into solo pvp and dont like speed and cooldown build for it, you can change ``Hurricane`` to ``Mark of the blade`` which increases you
  14. Previous years there been 2x drop rate on weps, gear, accessories, books and costumes + gp bonus for completeing dgs at same time/week, why change it now? Cave bosses sucks since you can solo em all the way up to lvl 32 and its almost same mechanics involved at every boss(i know becuse i done it). Raid boss saturday can be killed by 1 pt(watched it) The dg is easy as i already solo it in 1 stam on my bd without card/pots or minion. When it comes to guild events, gvg is meh. same guilds taking middle and then defends it or give it to their allys when they saf
  15. So we can expect 2x drop rate on accessories/books/costumes later next week or week after that? or do we have the worst hween event in history since the start 2013(?) right. With the copied raid boss from Smite, baron samedi. Worst ever cave bosses by looks and the easiest dg ever and i wont start talk about the mobs....
  16. Hi I remember we once had to capture t1 castle in ayvondil and thereafter defend it from the other guilds the same day. Will t5 be the same as back then and we first have to capture and after that defend it the same day OR is it just capture and wait 5 weeks til we have to defend?
  17. i own few of these weps which i amped +10, Axe, sword, mace, spear, 2h sword and a +9 xbow. Had a shield which i let a friend borrow and he quit the game.
  18. Nope Boneheads got renamed to Deathrose and then i renamed it to Memoria recently. + it was PerfectElf-Magnacarta-Aokigahara-Magnacarta-Phalanx if i remember right, not sure if Hyen had some other name back then in the beginning
  19. It does, https://wsdb.xyz/calc/
  20. I found another link/site, i think they mightve changed domain name or that its a copy of the other site. https://wsdb.xyz/calc/
  21. EDITED: sorry, i did find another link or site. But it could also been that they changed their domain name. https://wsdb.xyz/calc/ I hope i was to help.
  22. 2x normal basic books doesn`t work. Thats known already.
  23. Asking since having relics of the same works and i rather ask then try and use another book hhahaha they do cost 1mil+.
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