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  1. Coooooooool @Daria... Just make Dealer tht we can buy items with M.Coins or sell items for M.Coins Itsbetter idea i think... Cause some players can't buy M.coins in there Country... They will sell cool items for M.coins and M.coin usres can buy items so easy... And its better about fee and also about ur M.coins shop. Sorry for my weak english Im iranins user and old one... I hope you dear GM get my mean good. Good luck Bahman.
  2. Bahman

    summon evil pumpkin

    Yeah you maybe usrd for your low char
  3. Bahman


    Guys ty so much for your useful comments... But its not just about wpns its about all items like qust items,skills also... i have many skill for mc side tht i droped Its not bow for disamble or wrong wpn for sell 3k or 5k... its nothing!!! So i ask this... Dear Gm Remove this unless items from wrong side or do dealer general... Its really pain U after 3-4 hour hunt or dg u drop these!!! Guys pls agree with me and ask Gm to fix it Again ty for your time☺
  4. Bahman


    Ty guys for share ur words I got many skill for MC side too Please game do it as soon as u can Ty again guys
  5. Bahman


    Hi GM. Please make dealer market general tht both side can trade items with eachother...many items in MC side are for elfs... And also make market tht we can sell items for M.coin... if u done this many peoples will use M.coin in game and never leave game fast,and u'll see your M.coin buyers going up Day by day☺ Thanks it was my Topic And forgive me for weak english I hope u get my mean with my words Good luck Bahman one of your old player
  6. :blush: :blush: im one of old players too
  7. im sure tht im one of the winners wit my Orange set 8) lOl :dirol:
  8. come my Rangerwaitin u 8) lol im hardly waitin new update warspear will becomin more than Coolwith great classes
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