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  1. Ishika Thakur

    [2017.10.23] Game servers restart

    12hours n some days take time but dont come with bug
  2. i want that island for pvp not for exchange
  3. #peter can u make one new island for pvp there all realm player can go n fight each other i mean why we have to wait for test server to pvp all realm player together on one island n kill each other n see who is good
  4. Ishika Thakur

    [2017.10.05] Warspear Online on Steam

    gz hope u will add rare music not common
  5. i always hear some animal voice like owl n bug voice nothing more
  6. when its release? i can wait better then use test server
  7. Ishika Thakur

    [2017.08.23] Game servers stop on 24.08

    Windows Desktop http://distr.warspear-online.com/distr/7.1.3/test/warspThank you for your attention, AIGRIND better u try this link n see what is problem