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  1. sorry my english Is bad first should try tank with pala for my Is hard because no have damage reducción like other tank, and you need spend money in minios orc have a pt, exist More broken skills like dogs of the chamers at arena lvl 10 can summon 2 dogs, for the shild need wait at lvl 20 and now the damage can make at lvl20+ Is lot in pvp, one time one cheftain kill me with 3 hits (iam lvl 27 with 5k hp AND 57%), and you ignore the control skill the pala and the shild sucks when fight with control enemies
  2. SakKiimil

    Max level

    hello what is the max level for obtain adrop in the dugeon? like nadir (coliseum) or kronos , can help me i need the level of al dugeons whit the dificult and the max level for obtain drop from mobs in the lab and straps,
  3. I cant entry in the calculador since 3 days
  4. Really the paladin cant are a good tank in the pve, and now you nerfed the fetters this isla very Bad for pvp the paladin need skills of def dont need a support skill, all "Support" skill have have a very f... Long of recovery time sacred shil, light of def , the Death Knight can increased the defence, damage and recovery heal Barbarian ignore control efec can stun, make lot damage can are inmortal with the last wish and stone skin Blade dancer is a damager with heavy armor Warren have full defence skills And with the paladin you try give support and try are tank but have a low defence and low damge
  5. I never say "i use 2h weapon" these time and nos i hace 47% reducción of damage and whit the shild skill, the rogues can kill me whit 2 hits and only see "2200!" "1700" in red.
  6. Hola hace poco se hacia publicado en el foro internacional la lista de bosses, mapas y hasta que nivel dropeaban reliquias, el problema es que lo eliminaron. Me podrían dar una lista de los bosses y hasta que nivel y como ¿detecto un boss, miniboss o súper boss?, otra cosa ¿cuando termina el evento de hallowen?
  7. All rogues now cry for poision, remmenber everey atack with skill, use poision and run, really these is one fight, rogues make a extreme damage, and when you are more stroger he every run or use stun and pot of life.
  8. Preguntas: 1.-¿A las habilidades en nivel 1 les podemos colocar reliquias? 2.-¿si coloco una reliquia en una habilidad nivel 1 y en la subo inmediatamente a nivel 5 tendré el 100% de que el efecto de la reliquia se active? 3.-¿Puedo cambiar las reliquias de las habilidades?¿Perderé la reliquia que ya estaba en la habilidad? 4.-¿Cuando use el libro del olvido todas las reliquias se quedaran en las habilidades?¿Las perderé? 5.-Si logre obtener el 100% de probabilidad en una habilidad ¿Al usar el libro del olvido se perderá la bonificacion?
  9. SakKiimil

    Npc Rank

    Hello I have a lot time playing warspear, but the first my archivements, can see i have complete "Bloody harvest III", "It's time for cleaning III" and "Easy job III" for this archivements need kill: -Monster Elite class -Monster Strong class .Monster Normal class My question is. How i know which is a Elite, Strong, Normal, Miniboss and Boss npc? but only know what the stun skill no have effect in boss.
  10. Hello i try make a ranger for PvP but dont know what skill chose any can help me. The best build forma lvl 20 PvP
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