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  1. they usually post in international forum later, you can patiently wait or you want encode russian words in google translate
  2. for now listen to bird's sound untill everthing are fixed
  3. Radiata Stories PS2 Story 4.5/5 Character 4.5/5 Gameplay 4/5 "Played it almost 10 years ago but still remember the story"
  4. scatter and trap for PvP build blessing for PvE build
  5. sorry for potato drawing
  6. haha true
  7. Who would win in a race between classes? The greatest racing competition is held in Arinar for the first time, that is Arinar Grand Prix !! There will be 2 types of races, that is including FMA and ADR. Each classes will clash in battle to prove who is the best racer in all Arinar. WARNING : All racers are professional and experts, don't try this at home without professional's supervision. We are not responsible for any casualities or losses! FASTEST MAN ALIVE Fastest Man Alive or "FMA" is a race competition to prove who is the fastest class in a fair race battle. It's limited to 5 classes, because those classes are the only classes who can go to sepsific place instanly or faster than others. These classes including: 1. Mage - Time Warp Range: 5 yd CD : 12 sec 2. Paladin - Harad's Call Range: 4yd CD : 30 sec 3. Bladedancer - Rush Range: 7 yd CD : 14 sec 4. Barbarian - Charge Range: 5 yd CD : 20 sec 5. Rogue - Elusive Jump Range: 5 yd CD : 12 sec In FMA race there will be jerboa or dummy all arround arena to assist Barbarian and Rogue to activate their skills ARINAR DEATH RACE Arinar Death Race or "ADR" is a race where everthing is allowed to be a winner including stun/disable skills, runes, relics, unique gear, etc. All 12 classes will be placed in one circuit arena to fight for one trophy. Who will win? comment and share your strategies !
  8. not pokemon fan but I have played Pokemon Goldheart for +200 hours, breeding all day to get the best IV pokemon is gud but not nostalgic as digimon
  9. inner voice: "plz don't become shit or green slime"
  10. when update can you give a spesific date? it's important to prepare things before update need 3k exp craft more to reach lv 18 plz no surprise update
  11. My best friend
  12. pixiemon, I remembered it from digimon world ps1 ah .... good ol days
  13. 3 bots in EU already died, 1 left to go just report botters to support team