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  1. Nope, barbarian and mage are enough
  2. should be more jealous with seekah and huntah they have more proper stuns than both ranger and rogue
  3. *seal can be 5 levels below or above
  4. matchmaker don't find match based on player level or amplification, matchmaker only find match based on player win-lose ratio the only purpose of that big level difference is to make match become easier to find
  5. how if the skin's type can't be identified? maybe like dildo weapon skin or other unique-looking skins
  6. I saw lv 20 barbarian w/ pve weapon can full stun lv 24 full arena geared BD, and he nearly killed lv 28 warlock if his stun isn't missed so?
  7. also I wanna ask questions -why seeker novice costume isn't same with the picture? -could you devs remove or change warden's helmet? it's worse than bladedancer novice costume
  8. someone already drop it, yes it's empowering
  9. in my opinion I think warlock is too late to be nerfed, even if devs nerfed them they still be able to full stun cycle their enemies give them crappy skill on the next update probably the only way to nerf them paladin build is too variant, fetter 5/5 purification 5/5 aura 1/5 heal 3/5 taunt 1/5 goot at PvE, arena, and war
  10. he wanted to know which class is best no matter how hard it is, so warlock is the answer for best pvp
  11. best in pvp is warlock, no matter if there are 100 new classes I bet warlock still could beat them all
  12. PvP isn't always 1vs1 or fair fight, war and ganking also called PvP.
  13. How about this: -Minion don't have health -To kill minion you need to hit it couple times -The higher level of call, you must hit it more than before For example: (it's just example) -Lv 1: need to hit 2 times to kill it -Lv 2: need to hit 3 times to kill it -Lv 3: need to hit 4 times to kill it -Lv 4: need to hit 5 times to kill it -Lv 5: need to hit 6 times to kill it Pro: at least it won't die instantly in high level battle Con: weak to DoT damage
  14. that will be gud