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  1. Warden - monster or cheater?

    Just little suggestion here, don't give more stun skill for classes that already have many stun skills
  2. heroic armor are type of armor that give bonuses when you equip same set in another word, it's armor with red text color
  3. Increase Boss Drop Rate For All Bosses

    Bye bye
  4. I'm looking foto a guild!

    I hope you can find friendly guild
  5. Guild who participate probably only guilds in 1st - 2nd page of guild tournament, the rest of small guilds and guildless players can only watch the excitement in YouTube.
  6. if your guild is allowed to join then it's unfair for another guild who also late to register
  7. Dear devs, root is not a silence. ;)

    that's what I'm tryin to say xd some classes (like druids and DKs) have option to choose either PvE or PvP build, while some classes mostly stuck only with one choice of build (warlock stuck at PvP build, mage stuck at PvE build, etc.)
  8. Dear devs, root is not a silence. ;)

    If druid is nerfed then sentinels won't have any full stunner anymore? It's unfair when some classes can be extremely good at PvE and PvP with right build (like druids and DKs), while some classes are stuck with one choice only. Like Warlock and probably Charmers who mostly stuck at PvP, because too many stun/PvP skill and less PvE skill or mage, seeker, priest who stuck to PvE, because lack of stun/PvP skill and too many PvE skill. While classes who good at PvE and PvP can enjoy both experience, just need to change their skill builds.
  9. Arena lvl 10

    Because at low level arena you have higher chance to win prize. Or maybe for some people it's nice to have low level char that have high amped equipments and high achievments. For them probably it looks badass.
  10. cursed

    if the normal drop rate for example 0,1% then double drops only makes it 0,2%. happy hunting lads
  11. Item descriptions

    good idea, but I bet most people will ignore it amp matters, nothing else

    1st male hair looks like Charles Darwin 2nd male hair looks like Salvador Dali or Zeno Zoldyck from HxH 3rd no comment 4th no idea, probably some pshyco in old movie 5th Charlie Caplin with black hair and wedding suit would be perfect yeah many male haircut are based on funny/unique character, male haircut need more cool looking hair
  13. If your char is naked just create again lul, it is worth to restore if your char have high +10 amplification and many valuable items in bag.
  14. MCoins in China

    As far as I know chinese are hardcore gamer, not only play for fun and free, they really into it. I've read news couple years ago chinese kid sold his kidney to buy in-game money from some game, No wonder if many chinese become pro gamers compare with another country