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  1. Hi Peter, I hear there is a test server? Is it available for everyone?
  2. Already more than 4hrs but still on maintenance and no new updates available%) What is the new SLA?
  3. Cool seem promising with fun..awaiting to check new maps n this event..missed last one%)
  4. Wow nice event..never saw just reassemble of elfs together..damn many ppl playing
  5. #Themercs old times 3yrs back miss u guys
  6. Old times big battles..miss it now
  7. Damn yea its been long time since i didnt not play..almost 3years..new players n some old friends gone but cool to meet new players. Sandro farming nice but no drop lol
  8. Hi GMs, how is it possible that a player farms 24/7 on a same location and found that it was a bot command as he does not move from that area or agro monsters. He just wait to get attack and start farming them. Please check!!*z*
  9. Just came a month lvl weapon to +9 lvl 19 n now lvl 21..wtf
  10. Wow still take more time than old times
  11. What this noob debate on which country won war??..go warspear n play!!
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