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[2016.07.25] Warspear Online 6.0 "Engineer's Madness" update. Preview.

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Warriors of Arinar!


The time for the Warspear Online 6.0 "Engineer's Madness" update is coming! The spies hardly made their way through the Ayvondil forests and report that they had found the way to the miraculous Flying Islands, which means that the adventure continues! You'll encounter a new huge area, the increasing of the maximum character level up to the 28th, a powerful raid boss and lots of mini-bosses, a new Dungeon, excellent rewards, changes in the craft system, achievements and many more!


It's time to set off to the northeast of Ayvondil. The dangerous road is behind, and what is ahead is a chain of islands - not washed by the waters of the ocean, but soaring in the sky among the clouds! The Flying Islands is the most wonderful place in Ayvondil, even though it bears little resemblance to the Eternal Forest.


From there, with a bird's-eye view, one is able to see everything that is happening on the ground below. However, the tribes inhabiting the Flying Islands have too much to care about rather than observing strangers. Living on different corners of the islands, fauns and trolls keep the ancient customs and traditions. No one will dare to compete with the trolls in the ability to work with metals, and nowhere else will you find more skilled winemakers than fauns. Many centuries having passed, both folks still carry faint recollections of the time after the Great War, when the Flying Islands had just separated from Ayvondil.


At that time the mysterious blue-skinned wisemen, neither men nor the gods, came to the islands. No one remembers what they were looking for here and what wisdom they brought with them. They appeared all at once, making the islands soar in the sky, and left just as suddenly and mysteriously. Remaining behind were destroyed buildings, broken equipment... and a powerful force hostile to every living creature.


This force has a form, as well as a name. The mad genius hiding behind the armor of the metal colossus is Engineer, the powerful ruler of the Flying Islands. Having expelled blue-skinned wisemen, he built Technopolis - a heavenly fortress, where numerous servants and soldiers of Engineer are multiplying day by day. He draws the energy for Technopolis by absorbing the Ayvondil magic. But even this source is not infinite - the day when the machine power destroys the magic of the Flying Islands and the whole Eternal Forest, Arinar expects great upheavals. There is only one way to prevent a catastrophe - to challenge the insanity of Engineer!


Ayvondil. Chapter IV


2.jpg  3.jpg  4.jpg


Vast Flying Islands are located above Ayvondil, and everyone who has finished main quests in the previous sector can go there.


The member of each Alliance will get in their own friendly territory: Sentinels will be welcomed by fauns, and Legion will be sheltered in troll’s village. Between them there is the neutral land where the main raid boss Engineer is hiding. Moreover, the islands have also become the home for 6 mini-bosses, two of which are constantly moving around, thus is won't be easy to catch them.


5.jpg  17.jpg  18.jpg


Green meadows, mysterious ruins and white clouds beneath your feet should not be a reason for losing your vigilance while walking across the Flying Islands. Dangers are waiting at every corner, and you can easily encounter the enemy’s party or an ambush settled by angry natives.


By the way, you can meet the enemy players not only in the neutral, but also in your own territory. The paths are opened, thus letting both you and your enemy get to each other. But mind that in that case a negative magical effect will become active. You've encountered the same magic in the previous sector, so you should remember that such raids may be quite challenging for unexperienced warriors.


New raid boss


7.jpg  9.jpg  16.jpg


The most dangerous enemy in this update is the mad Engineer. He’s a raid boss standing in the middle of neutral territory. The evil engineer genius is at his finest and has a great mechanical army, bombs and turrets by his side.


He respawns once in 24 hours and defeating him can bring the best possible prizes to you! The full list of rewards will be available on the day of the update.




11.jpg  12.jpg  14.jpg


A new dungeon, Technopolis , combines mysterious ruins full of dangerous enemies and incredible treasures. Each of four difficulty levels has its own unique challenges, so prepare well, be ready to solve puzzles and the reward will be yours!


Technopolis has two entries, one in the Sentinels territory, another one - in the Legion’s. First difficulty level is available for each and every player, entering the higher levels requires increased reputation among local peoples.


Full information about rewards of the Dungeon will be available on the day of the update.


Changes in craft


30.jpg  31.jpg  33.jpg


There are also many important changes in the craft system. Now, it has two more levels, 17th and 18th, that will allow you to create new rare and unique accessories, weapons and armour of 24th level.


Also, few more rare craft tasks were added to "Accessories" group of professions. Each profession also got an improved system of rare tasks accessibility. Now you’ll be able to “catch” the desired tasks easier. 


Magical weapons profession will be combined with Ranged weapons, at that, tasks for making bows and crossbows are only displayed to the Sentinels. Good news: all experience you’ve earned in each profession separately will be summed!




All problems with typing in chat window on Android devices were solved, everything works as it should be now.


This is all for now, you will find more information about changes, rewards and presents on the day of the update, which will be released this week!


Waiting for it with you!


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Wow you always make such awesome posts to introduce your incoming update. I can't wait to check this update as well. There will be other improvements which will appear the day of the update or this is all it is going to come? I mean, new levels should bring new expert skills etc... :D

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Wow you always make such awesome posts to introduce your incoming update. I can't wait to check this update as well. There will be other improvements which will appear the day of the update or this is all it is going to come? I mean, new levels should bring new expert skills etc... :D


Yes, of course, there will be cool details. But not about skills, skills will be changed in the next update.


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It will be appreciated...if GM double the drops of Craft resources in All DG..(at least Energy Essence and energy calatalyst

Coz resources are expensive so crafting products are expensive compared to the same weapon lvl of DG ..

So craters finds hard to sell those items..


Eg; lvl 20 xbow craft making cost comes around 70-80k

Lvl23 DG..xbow is 60-80k (I saw in MKT many times.. lvl23 xbow 65k)


GM..pls look in to.. if craft resources are increased in Boss & DG drop..it's normal to make it from harder.. and


It's now very very less..

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1. nice.. this update coming this week or next?

2. what about skill changes? many class is unbalance

3. what about black elm? why make this boss? no one farming there and some server cant kill. 

sry bad eng.. ty


1. This week

2. Nothing about it. Unbalance - is not a word we react to.

3. To kill him, to get the reward, that's why.

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