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  1. this competition is great to complete achievement
  2. Thank you for this information, you are always very attentive to the players
  3. I think this year's event will be one of the best I've ever attended
  4. I think we'll have plenty of new players after that
  5. I'm looking forward to seeing what the developers have prepared for us this year
  6. I was really looking forward to this update, the development team made beautiful maps ..'ll be counting the minutes to the launch day!
  7. ué sem cassiane ELF's não ganha, mas também não perdemos
  8. Aether

    Bate papo

    nao tem nada de errado com os ELF's, vem jogar com a gente amigo .. vem
  9. eu passei dias procurando na internet como fazer isso, e um dia descobrir sem querer pensei em mil aplicativos poderia me ajudar a resolver e não lembrava de fazer a coisa mais simples que era abrir o gerenciador e maximizar o warspear
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