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  1. bro.. i agree... seeker need atleast good dmg skill,...:( so much drain and here i wanna tell abt a bullshit skill - Dangerous Blow > is it mean that, it is dangerous to Seeker if he buy the skill Dangerous blow is awesome DUCK skill + bleeding skill is also a roasted dUCK Actually i can say, Seekar got Suicide skill, SUN skill will increase incoming damge, 2 skills are draining Mana, and 1 more skill added to eat his own health.. TA...DA.. seeker dead by himself
  2. If i can Transfer my stuffs and gold, i will quit elf! MCs have nice set of skills..
  3. atleast,, reduce the expert skillz..is more enouge!
  4. fetter is good.... only the expert skillz... ewww...when see from outside.. pala is good.. if i start play.. i feel nerfed
  5. Yes...except Banner... nothing is useful
  6. hey pete.... please increase the drop of Energy Catalysts & Energy essence in all Bosses and DGs i will be greatfull to you :
  7. Yea.. dolly is right BD is the killer boy... Don't blame him.. that's his nature Try Paladin..Lover boy:[
  8. Also... We need hotkey slot with double row... [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [Q] [w] [e] [r] [t] [t] [y]
  9. It will be appreciated...if GM double the drops of Craft resources in All DG..(at least Energy Essence and energy calatalyst Coz resources are expensive so crafting products are expensive compared to the same weapon lvl of DG .. So craters finds hard to sell those items.. Eg; lvl 20 xbow craft making cost comes around 70-80k Lvl23 DG..xbow is 60-80k (I saw in MKT many times.. lvl23 xbow 65k) GM..pls look in to.. if craft resources are increased in Boss & DG drop..it's normal to make it from harder.. and It's now very very less..
  10. bee is usefull in farming too... cz.. due to atk speed.. healing self is easier
  11. is that Horse... i thought ur riding a Donkey Btw.. will drop Skateboard i can run faster ...xD
  12. nice will i get Skate as drop
  13. plz givem cail dress as a gift to my Shaman and Fairy lord to my BD
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