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  1. So the only way to get rare relics is through the miracle shop.....for 399 miracle coins each? Otherwise make do with the crappy common relics that drop from bosses...... Seriously?
  2. Another bug: the warlock keeps losing target after using "fear" skill
  3. "Pool of Darkness: Limited number of players getting damage. No limits for NPC characters. Number of targets now depends on skill level: 3-4-5-6-7" This is being applied to NPCS aswell. If it's more than one of those amounts, the skill hits once then stops working.
  4. - It should have a chance to be removed when the warlock gets hit - The cooldown should be decreased entirely, as well as with its level progression. The only two ways of making that skill semi-decent without people ♥♥♥♥♥ing on the forum about how OP it is. _ And the skill sucks, even passed level 1, both in pvp and pve (most cases).
  5. The new Harad's call be making paladins a bit op in pvp :/ NERF! xD
  6. it got remodeled and renamed to "acute blade" a long time ago, if I remember correctly. as well as many other lvl 15 arena weapons.
  7. life exhaust is NOT worth leveling up. the damage and health regained, even at higher to max levels, is completely pathetic and worthless.
  8. the skill needs to be tweaked slightly. - it should have a chance to disable when the warlock gets hit. - the cooldown should decrease with its level progression. otherwise change the entire skill completely, like absolute relfexes. _ on a side note, the damage and crit increase suck past level 1. its not a skill you should level up; just use it because its a passive.
  9. anyone know where I can get the most accurate numbers for this skill......in english? levels duration percentages etc.
  10. seems cool, but I hope there's a considerable amount of relics who's chances are definite and dont rely on probability alone. great for pve, troublesome for pvp.
  11. boiz

    Dominion War

    Allowing all flags to be available for capture at once would be a good start imo.
  12. I'd like to be able to hide my cape.
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