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  1. I have like that problem on galaxy s8
  2. Not add the dmg when use skills In arena. Or I understand wrong?
  3. Valdemar's costume boss drop this costume? or we can got this costume only from chest?
  4. Daria hello .. what about mages barrier skill? why Reflection runes still can destory barrier?
  5. we killing enginer, when boss died we get 5 medal and hand but sever off or crashed 10-15 min. for that we skip drop and medal, its video proof we get medal but when i check achiev dont have kill this boss lets fix it no need again heppend like that not easy to kill this boss... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fa65lkK6saE&feature=youtu.be
  6. Im rank1 in 5x5 arena. I need 26lvl boot for make full unique set. If I go 28lvl now. I get 28lvl boot or 26?
  7. 1. good. 2. bd sham has more power then other class. 3. but we cant kill coz ur make this boss very hard..
  8. Peter_Munk 1. nice.. this update coming this week or next? 2. what about skill changes? or new expert skills? many class is unbalance 3. what about black elm? why make this boss? no one server cant farm there and some server cant kill. sry bad eng.. ty
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