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  1. Well gz gm with u ruinning the game... healers attract mobs with heal... gz... How are we supposed to heal tank when have to look after ourselves how not to die...
  2. Week is about to end and still no update announcment...
  3. Your skill build onlh for pvp against bds
  4. hmm... and when new expert skills will be announced???
  5. It seems that you don't understand what balancing means... You want shamans to be able to use shield on them selves when they already have healling totem? That's too much:!
  6. Mcs can take 3 stars (in emerald) only if hassn spams ls.. and whole mc side blames him for every lose :-D:-P
  7. Anyone can explain me what he tried to say???
  8. bd is way easier to play. has high dmg and high def, op expert skills. while ranger doesn't have normal stuns, low hp, low def, same as bd dmg and sucks in pvp
  9. U hope they will read this? They have to start loosing players at first...
  10. xuserx


    He said that omercix wasn't first. In ru- amber some dk already soloed
  11. yeah lol if druid is +9/+10
  12. i could say that druid is very hard to play class if it comes to arena and druids usually die first if enemy team has atleast 600dmg rogue or barb u won't even manage to use song
  13. take druid coz priest is useless coz with secret link atleast 3/4 druid can heal all pt in dgs and hunts alone also it is op in pvps due to its stuns. Priest is good only in pvps against barbs.
  14. i want to make lvl10 priest for arena. anyone can help with skill build?
  15. In emerald hassn spamed life scrolls for 1 hr non-stop but still war ended 2-1 xD
  16. If bds won't be nerfed crit for elusive jump should be back for rogues and druids should be alowed to used secret link on them selves
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