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  1. You mentioned not to level Hamstring at 26+ because the bosses have more resist, but when using hamstring, so far (im lv 18 now) i've seen that the resist only resists the bind and the bleed still applies, does the resist proc independently for each debuff and bleed can also get resisted? or does only bind get resisted and bleed always applies
  2. No No I don't care about screen orientation Its still an issue in landscape anyway, I just want a navbar that is permanently on-screen, you people probably have phones with hardware buttons and don't care, its not a very hard thing to implement ok, don't tell me "be landscape" Landscape mode is shit because it takes 15 years to type anything on a landscape keyboard, you can't tell me you're better at landscape typing. Eyes are horizontal sure but thumbs aren't and they matter more
  3. As the title says, please give us an option to disable the stupid android immersive mode in ws, its the most infuriating thing typing at chat and then having to wait for the nav bar that the keyboard brings up to disappear when we want to press the menu or back button. I am more than happy to lose a few pixels to avoid this issue, I don't want to always play in landscape and typing in landscape is the worst anyway Please please please GM, it can't be that hard can it? I will pay you if you change it ;-; literally give me your paypal <3 Thanks Peachstun
  4. if done right this could be an excellent addition imo
  5. Do character sprites support alpha? So like can parts of the costume be transparent or invisible as well as making the character underneath invisible too?
  6. I think lab is a perfect place. You can make it like a portal to ayvo in years gone past and its lore and canon friendly
  7. You wanna add costumes but I still don't see Vera's boss
  8. Hi guys, so its another android keyboard issue, and im sorry to bring it up, and i know android is crappy to program for, but seriously, this new keyboard that types directly into the ws chat box really isnt that great, i know its nice and seamless but for us, the players who use it as a vital part of the game, its really not nice for it to suddenly not open when you want to type and you then have to talk entirely in smileys or disconnect without being able to tell anyone anything. I think its an issue with the devices that dont have physical home back and menu keys, like mine and its reeeealy not cool Is there anyway to disable the forced fullscreen for those devices? and have the black navigation keys that come up with the keyboard stay there permanently and squash the ws screen slightly? also i really miss being able to know the smiley codes and just type them in quickly, especially for the new unique ones
  9. Because of having too high a level compared to equipment which is expensive and takes a while to collect. The higher level you go the less dungeons drop and the harder it is to earn money because nobody invites you to the dungeons that drop for you because your equipment is shit even though you're high lvl
  10. I like this idea a lot, especially the luck potions XD non mcoiners be damned
  11. Fact #140 warspears co-op experience is better than any other game I've played
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