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  1. No i think that teleport scroll should stay as it is. Only allow you to travel where you have statue.
  2. im not clayd. im original zigmar. he copy my name
  3. i think in other games there is an option to teleport back to the npc that gave you the quest. maybe this could be added here lets say for 5 miracle coins? and add [Lazy quester scroll] which players can stack up on.
  4. its in the nature of humans to desire what they cant/dont have
  5. i havent seen snorlar in ages...
  6. i think they said yes. but if no costume you get a big fat nothing
  7. i smell drama i remember a time where snorlax had to delete 5 pages of drama. or was it 6?
  8. pretty
  9. Well here we go, good luck to everyone!
  10. The Mc side boss name was Kabal. Here is a very old ss.