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  1. i think it is a bad idea that all mora lairs are connected to each other and that any lvl can enter. Low lvls have no chance against 28lvls that will monopoly the 4 bosses.
  2. [2017.10.23] Game servers restart

    Yay... Cant wait for people to flood topics with "whats new" & "when server open" Aside that, good work everyone. Looks promising.
  3. Now with this event, we can all have our own Alice in Wonderland tale.
  4. How about summon skill for necro

    I like the necro summon idea.
  5. Actually its the users fault for not looking up to em. From the moment he press the accept button he takes responcibility for his actions by agreeing tho the rules. When you go to another state/country and do a crime, they dont ask you if you knew it wasnt allowed.
  6. Well.... waw.... finally!! I remember when kuzmitch first brought it up. Oh my god, i feel old now. Well done, its a big step. #question. Will warspear add/accept payments through paysafe? Its one of steams mosts favorite.
  7. all cookies belong to me
  8. they did a 3 minute countdown
  9. links work just fine. im playing test 7.1.3
  10. Jackb is their leader
  11. This must be the first test version i will not be able to see and test cause of my work schedule. I will you all good luck. I'm interested in the guild crafting so if anyone gets that far, please let me know.
  12. Привязка навыков к оружию.

    actually a similar idea was suggested with costumes but with buffs instead of skills. the most liked choice was the resil and critical option as a costume buff. your idea sounds interesting. i think you should give examples of what weapons will have what skills to draw attention here.
  13. Actually i was willing to pay a lot more (double or triple) of the current price just to see and play my old chars again. Why do people want everything free in this game? When you go out, do you say, a free coffee please. Can i have this food for free? Wow nice expencive clothes. Can i have em free?
  14. Halloween «Chaos Arena»

    Took me some time, but i found it... This happen in Update Warspear Online 5.1 "Curse of the Black Elm"