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  1. looks interesting. will test it out and see if it will make me active again
  2. Thank you so much for clarifying it
  3. i have a (few) question(s). Lets say a guild captures the castle for the first time and start building. If they lose the castle to another guild, will their hard work be gone in vain? Will the new owners of the castle find everything ready and waiting for them or do they have to rebuild from start? And if they have to rebuild, what happens to the buildings of the previous owners? Are they somehow saved for when they recapture the castle?
  4. To be honest, I am a little disappointed. Did expect more. Maybe I'm getting old. Maybe I need to play the test server.
  5. We could have like 10 costume slots in wardrobe and in order to get more space, we could unlock it with mcoins. Like 80coins per slot.
  6. I like the new quests style
  7. if you search, and i mean like really spend time to search, you can find a post where snorlax has posted the % of each lvl. or was it kuzmitch? ah... can't remember
  8. the smart ones always have the test server links... [spoiler=how?]they are always the same, just bookmark it
  9. Little info: Waldemar or Valdemar is an Old German noble male given name of Old Slavic origin that means "renowned ruler" (literally, "fame" + "power"). The name is a Germanised version of Slavonic name Vladimir. It was introduced into Scandinavia by the 12th-century Danish king Waldemar (or Valdemar).
  10. you rush through the comments, but skip the entire preview i see... you must be the smart one around here.
  11. will the event areas be neutral or pvp? 2 more questions. a. will we get an oblivion book so we can change our skill's for the needs of the event? b. what are the holiday skills this year?