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  1. So +5 21lvl go +10 but stay 21lvl or 21lvl go 28lvl but stay +5
  2. actually it was added few updates later cause people would just overspam the new experts.
  3. I saw a movie made after this event. It was called Pirates of the Caribbean! Johnny Depp was staring in it.
  4. Priest n necro shields are complicated as far i remember. The damage they can absorb is based on skill lvl, hero lvl, heros defense and damage stats.
  5. Are you sure its on all charmed stats? On pene, you are right.
  6. Ive seen it in other games, would be great!!!
  7. A little fairy told me its been added. Lets see if ill give her sweets or coals in her socks.
  8. I agree with FAKE reaper over here. Also, we want to unbind costumes once again. I have so many on heros i dont play anymore and i cant get em again as they dont drop anymore.
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