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    to be honest, id love both ideas very very much in the game. if i remember correctly it was removed cause people would scam each others accounts for free costumes. this didn't stop the scammers though. Everyone by now knows not to share his personal info. (thank you daily reminder info) we could have a rare event like the one where we can recover long-lost deleted heros. like for 1 (month-week-weekend) you can unbind your precious non class skill books to move em around.
  2. Don't tell me it turns green! ps. Secret Link: Full rework of the skill: now the skill applies a positive effect “Secret Link” on the character or a group member in a sequence in the radius of 2-2-3-3 yards of the target for 20 seconds. The effect restores health in the amont of 60-70-80-100% of the character’s magical power and increases the “Penetration” parameter by 4-6-8-10%. The health restoration effect is reduced with each subsequent target by 10%, and the “Penetration” parameter — by 2%. Maximum number of targets - 2-3-4-5. can
  3. What does this mean exactly? if my druid has 800 dmg it heal 1 time 800 then -10% for each next heal? ps. what is this kind of sorcery! censoring Your content will need to be approved by a moderator
  4. hello there, is it possible to have a graphic art of those four minibosses/costumes ? i would really love that.
  5. In the "Mermain Trials" event there is a bug. In the first round the "silence" debuff no longer exists and you can use skills before the crown in taken. @Akasha @Peony @Holmes
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