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  1. I found the description of group relics kind of confusing.
  2. @Daria i hope 18+lvl will get a nice fat oblivion book If you read the quests you would know
  3. Why you guys have to be so greedy and negative all the time. Relax and enjoy the f#$%&@!? Carnival.
  4. I dont think this game is flawed at all. Ive seen it go a long way since i started playing. But you... you are a spoiled brat. Wants everything easy. Ready. Always as you see fit. And if that is not the case, you do what you know best. Complaign! :) You can find me at my noob druid. @Spicytuna
  5. Hey buddy. None force you to play this game. If you dont like it, move on. I hear barbie online is the perfect game.
  6. I love how when something is not working all come here begging for help and crying fix this fix that. While all the other time they are like "Forum? Phh... i wanna play ws. I dont need that!"
  7. Still no sign of snow or cold here... Hope i will be able to play this update without it melting while i download it.
  8. How to kill jerboa?

    If you kill jerboa 999 times in 1 hour with 1lvl weapon it drop costume
  9. What if we live in the Mediterranean Sea and its 25°C here.. While in December... No event for us?
  10. i think it is a bad idea that all mora lairs are connected to each other and that any lvl can enter. Low lvls have no chance against 28lvls that will monopoly the 4 bosses.