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  1. In the "Mermain Trials" event there is a bug. In the first round the "silence" debuff no longer exists and you can use skills before the crown in taken. @Akasha @Peony @Holmes
  2. i guess i should post here right away and not make this topic. ๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…

    Quest Not Found

    I think the translation got lost during the last update.
  4. For all of you out there loving this guy, I hope you know he actually dies after losing pvp from a "death knight"
  5. I see that most don't care, but i've been testing 1st island dungeons and they seem to be working perfect!
  6. i guess it is targeted at 1-3lvl chars that are being made and never logged again as their "owners" try to sell the name
  7. Will we get 1 or 2 additional slots on our accounts so we create the new heroes? @Peony
  8. So.. will the 1st map bosses still drop 9lvl equipment now they get nerfed?
  9. kind of breaks the purpose of using summon in pvp
  10. um, hello there, druids summon (Elemental Backing) doesn't stop attacking when the enemy is under ice relic of captivity is this a bug or is it supposed to be this way? @Akasha @Peony
  11. cant wait to see how hard it will hit now with full ferocity 1k mdmg druids...
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