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  1. Oh my god. Where is it so cold!!!! Meanwhile some place else
  2. What about those that already done it that way?
  3. It was a funny response. Not critism or negativity🥴
  4. They actually added extra lag for some people. Maybe you are lucky and be one of them.
  5. On a serious note. Unless we can regenerate oxygen while we are offline this game is not worth playing any longer. You tell us to take breaks from playing and not staying too much online. But the only profitable way is to stay afk for an hour to regen some oxygen. And honestly I don't have time to waste on a game that forces me to stay online and do nothing.
  6. All your fire bassed skills will turn into bubblebeam.
  7. So if I understand this correctly one could simply camp at an island, cross stun passengers and watch em drown
  8. It's not in green so it's a personal opinion. Rules of forum.
  9. That moment vanity overcomes everything
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