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  1. #nowplaying Charlie Puth ft. Wiz Khalifa - See You Again
  2. And again, new additional boss is just freeze when we attacking him. is it bug or you guys made it that way?
  3. when you see a message from System in worldchat, the boss will randomly appeared in one of the osland of the snow map.10-15mnts after killed probably.
  4. its bugged. the boss just stand still and didnt even make any move. me and some friend killed it easily
  5. remove agro on heal pls. or atleast make it a bit lower. even after tank and damager hit them with many damages , those ducking mobs still stick to me.
  6. thats why hundred times of killing orphan lake only give me def spheres. necroconstruct, here i come!
  7. so it is by percentage.i got it now. i wish next update gm add more reduction of hp and mana if we cast it in pvp. hahaha
  8. and here comes the STUN...... in the new update.
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