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  1. IMO Halloween 2015 event was the worst: same gear of 2014, old cheap stun weapons, hard/ugly DG, very low drop rate...
  2. Highest lvl weapons are worth 100-600k and drops every 50-100 runs Stam is unlimited if u sell relics/def3/dmg3 and buy seekers Finding/making pt isn't so hard for experienced/op players
  3. Tbh experienced (smart) players should stop waste time farming mobs/bosses Heroic/event DG drops are worth 4-10k/run on average
  4. Physical eq was 10/15% too at start, then nerfed bcs too op But now halloween/craft eq is better, only magic awards worth the time
  5. I think they count "enters", not "completed runs" If a pt of 5 enters, it counts as +5 "entered" And if u die/dc and enter again, u r counted again
  6. Scammers so dumb, wasting their time with these hopeless tricks
  7. In eu many bd/rogues and very few barbs See solo-dg 3x runs than halloween dg, make more
  8. EG this lvl 20 won't get free slot until lvl 24
  9. You can change email just once, then it's assigned forever (to prevent accs trading)
  10. Ye, I had to buy extra pockets to hold all those drops
  11. Simple solution: Increase bows sell value at npc (5k*lvl)
  12. Or just make arena eq increase both phys + magic dmg E.G. unify rings +8% dmg (same for all classes)
  13. And DK new aura skill removes stealth Bugs or Features? Not a big problem, I see more unfair guild Blessing/Heal, as most players can't use those
  14. I didn't test, but Magic-DK seems bad, from those numbers You lose too much dmg on Hits/Hurricane/Thorn for the gain on Sharp/Call/Exa
  15. Read better, the quote is in my post (from 6.1 release post) Anyway u wrong: always better lvl Chop before Blow (scales 4x2.5% each lvl, vs 2% of Blow)
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