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  1. http://cdn.warspear-online.com/distr/win32/ch0/warspear.exe your network : working cloudfare :working host : error and btw the ios version taking download so long
  2. omg when u will fix this bug?? http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php/topic/53141-is-ferocity-working-correctly/?p=958617
  3. genlo

    War Bug

    eu emerald, war bug on elf side last war score was 2-2 but we got only 1 buff??? LOL??
  4. go make a better code moderators i could even make a new weapon that never exist lol and ranger druid bd using 2handed axe:D
  5. its happen in ios too , and something weird with notification i guess.let just say my brother quit ws and give his account to me , and i play his account just for crafting or selling item on a dealer then i go back to my real account and i go close warspear app . and when the item sold or the craft is completed its still show some notification event if its not on my real account.
  6. what about bug that i posted in support about damage bug? snorlax said he take a look at it later.
  7. i dont understand purpose of this topic? do you?
  8. i think u miss calculating or something ? cause when i use my +9 axe and +8 blade it give 744 damage and with power of blades it give 893 damage it means skill power of blades 4/4 is giving 20% more damage. and when i use my +9axe and +7 axe with 737 damage ,21,2% ferocity + 20% passive skill it should be about=1071 damage. this just my opinion
  9. 3/3 guild deff , 3/3 magic deff. 3/3 guild health and 4/4 power of blades
  10. i thought gm could just make it in a second
  11. really? bd: +9 poleaxe of death herald +7 templar hatchet +2 ice queen small ring +1 ice queen small ring +8 scale armor of divine defence +8 helmet heroic of edurance +7 plate glove of divine defene +8 high boots of heroic edurance +6 medallion of infward power +6 apostate warchief cape +7 brave warrior girlde shaman : +1 novice head +1 novice armor +0 novice glove +0 novice boot +0simple girdle +0 longstave ( i lose my novice staf when i was amp it to +2 thanks-_-) shaman without armor is using only +0 simple girdle and +0 long stave
  12. this mine : bd =level 24, 737 att,7,7% penet,i got 2 pcs of ice ring which i equipped,21,2% ferocity and skill power of blade 4/4 shaman withour armor= lvl 4, 16 deff (0,2%),515 hp shaman with armor = lvl 4, 215 deff(3,2%),826 hp if u need more info pls reply ty
  13. Hi admin or gm and other players who view this topic. Just want to ask is this a bug or what? i dont get it how ferocity work here's some picture. im testing it with my brother and he used low lvl shaman without armor first, and i got 865 damage. And this whats make me confused and second we tested with armor and got 874 damage. i ask my friend but he confused too so i should get this on forum. my ferocity is 21.2% btw. help me with this thanks.
  14. genlo

    Weekly Rating

    i won tour last year without spending gold only quest and upot gift
  15. genlo

    Weekly Rating

    but we got 1 stam on 8h so how thats possible ?
  16. this just my opinion 1. Make weekly ratings for elf and mc is different. 2. Its should be a lvl for each category like 1-5, or 6-10 , this suck when lvl 26 want to be first rank on completed quest because low lvl can do yellow quest but high lvl only can wait quest on the next day. pls reply
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