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  1. Unless you can get 30%+ in the cooldown stat on a druid, make a shaman. Shamans do high damage and healing with their totems. Druids can permanently stun someone, but it relies on luck.
  2. Because he is a low level. If he wants to get stronger he should level up, as he would in virtually all other MMORPGs. There would be a smaller incentive to level up and attain new gear if everyone had a static amount of resilience, crit, etc. And (based on your initial example with the gear) why would a level 10 be fighting a level 22 anyway?
  3. 1. Dopknight 2. Stuns 3. Kunchen
  4. Assuming that forest song works several times in a row, which can be unreliable.
  5. Copy Slrdmgx's build and you will never have a problem with druids again.
  6. Bladedancers are overpowered, mages need a buff. All the other classes are balanced. In response to what you said about druid, we have 4 stuns. Power of water lasts only a second and uses 2 skills that can be dodged. Every melee class except bladedancer can jump/pull the druid while in punitive roots, and position bugs are so frequent in this game that it is easy to miss placement. Forest song even at level 4 can fail 5 times in a row, so stun cycling is hard nowadays since everyone has high HP and it is difficult to get consecutive successful songs. Root is the only reliable stun, but if there is a position bug, then a melee can hit from several yards away. On top of that, druids have already been nerfed on different occasions, tornado's radius was reduced, invigorating stream had its push back effect removed, secret link can no longer crit heal. Druid is a good class, but it has its weaknesses; therefore it is balanced as most classes are.
  7. Song if you prefer PVP, Link if you prefer dungeons. Both are great in arena.
  8. As a healer, I find that shamans with high HP are harder to kill. Life steal doesn't really affect the outcome of the battle; since healers don't do huge damage very quickly (apart from other shamans). Your faction passive adds a percentage of your HP, so this passive will benefit you more with higher HP. I think you would find it more useful to have enough HP to tank classes like the immortal bladedancer, especially with this bullshit ferocity update.
  9. That skill is virtually useless at level 1. Try making it 3/4 or 4/4 and see the difference.
  10. Is this confirmed? I always thought that it meant movement speed rather than attack speed. The skill description is somewhat ambiguous.
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